Irrespective of whether you already possess a kids trampoline or gaining entry into that fun arena now, the trampoline is not really something you would want to have a casual outlook on. You would be surprised to know that a trampoline is not very safe for kids below seven years of age. A proper choice and proper usage of a kid’s trampoline can help reduce trampoline wounds by 99 percent. This article gives you a few safety tips to keep in mind.

Just a few years back, trampolines were nothing short of a luxury – a rather dangerous privilege that sometimes resulted in small cuts and a broken limb, yet they remained a privilege.



This fun instrument has evolved a lot ever since, and they come much more protected now, undoubtedly. Most children enjoy playing on their trampoline from a very young age. It is a helpful instrument for parents since they would rather have their kids step outdoors at least to play on the trampoline.

Do you wish to see your kids jump in joy, safe and sound? Then read on to find out a few tips on trampoline safety.

Examine The Ground

Before you put your trampoline together, carefully examine the ground for unevenness. This will help you eliminate trampoline breakdown or misaligned placements.

Free Your Pockets

Keep your pockets empty before getting on to jump.

One Jump Policy

Jump one at a time to dodge head bash.

Toddlers Away

Infants or toddlers may find jumping and bounce quite petrifying, and it is also dangerous for their tender bodies. When older children are bouncing, restrict the toddlers and when they catch a break, get your kid on it for a few quick jumps.

No Spring Is Best

Most of the time, kids on the trampoline are harmed by the spring either by getting hit or poked. A spring-free trampoline gets rid of these worries. If you already own a spring one, you can cover your trampoline with a few mats.

Get The ABCs Right First

Restrict your kids from doing any stunt or show-off on the trampoline. It is not meant to give a heart attack. Instead, teach them some really simple yet fascinating jumps to excel at first. Teach them the basic jumps like the drops.

Keep Pets Off

Train your pets not to get anywhere near the trampoline. While it may seem funny on the surface to behold your husky attempting to jump dramatically, it can be dangerous for them too. They need to understand it is not for them since they may also tear up the mats.


Only an encapsulated trampoline is a safe-to-play trampoline. Teach your kid to pull the zip up while playing and get how crucial it is to keep the trampoline enclosed while playing in it.

Speak your mind

Keeping your kids well informed regarding the potential jeopardy of not adhering to the safety precautions is your responsibility. Bouncing on and on maybe fun at first, but only until it hurts. Also, stunts like lying down under the trampoline until someone crash bounces on you. Jumping haphazardly when an adult is not around is not fun. Kids need to be told that they will be allowed to get on the trampoline only if they display the needed maturity.


Clear Up

Crawling beneath the trampoline should be banned, especially when someone is playing on it. Let it become routine first to examine the surroundings and under the trampoline to ensure it is devoid of pets, toys, or others.

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