Description of Avg Antivirus Pro:

AVG ANTIVIRUS PRO APK: Any pretty cool devices were brought on by the rise of technology. Today, there are lots of gadgets called “smartphones” that you can even carry in your pocket. These methods are so simple, user-friendly and so efficient that practically something can be achieved. It can act as a lantern, calculator, video player, and more. But for devices, the issue is the same for viruses. Thankfully, there are applications that have been created by AVG Mobile, such as AVG Antivirus Pro. This famous Google Play Store antivirus software has indeed been downloaded 100 million users! This application also has lots of features besides antiviruses, such as software lock, picture vault, Wi-Fi security search, and much more!



Today, nearly many of us have phones. AVG ANTIVIRUS PRO APK Even kids own and know how to do so! Yet we are vulnerable to viruses when we use our smartphones too often every day. Viruses are not fresh, they only grow over time and absorb devices more and more. They began with computers and now they should even assault smartphones. If you still download and link your mobile to computers from the internet, you are at risk! Apart from that, this application supports lots of more functionality to provide privacy and security, such as software lock, VPN, picture vault and more!

Details of AVG AntiVirus Pro APK:

Name AVG AntiVirus Pro
Compatible with 5.0
version 6.33.1
Developer by AVG Mobile
Google play com.antivirus
Cost Free
Size of File 33.00 MB
Category Tools

How To Download And Install AVG Antivirus Pro Apk:

A step-by-step tutorial so you can download it and instal it quickly.

  1. Firstly, click on “GO TO DOWNLOAD Tab.” then after, you will be routed to the download page of the broken Avg Antivirus apk.


  1. Click “Download NOW” to get the APK. Your downloading is going to start within such a second.
  2. Open the apk file you’ve recently downloaded after installing it.
  3. Tap on the button “SETTING” and turn on the button “Allow Unknow source.” Now, press on the BACK option and click on the INSTALL option again. It will launch your installed process. The antivirus opens after download.
  4. Open the antivirus tab now. Once you open it, your computer will start searching for some viruses.


  1. Apps such as the Critical Lock app, automated regular screening, and many more can be allowed or disabled.


This are Installing process above.

Features Of AVG Antivirus Pro Apk:

AVG Antivirus Pro becomes the popular antivirus Application that allows your computer to be fully safe from viruses and malware. Here are its advantages:

  • Protection:

Antivirus security is the primary function provided by AVG Antivirus Pro Apk. This app scans applications, games and files and with one tap eliminates the malware on your computer! You should also search for websites that threaten to invade your mobile for malicious attacks. Aside from that, for network protection, authentication power, and Captive server, you could use the Wi-Fi scanner. To secure your phone from ransomware, there seem to be a lot of things that this application can do!

  • Anti-Theft:

AVG Antivirus Pro also helps you, using Google Maps, to locate your missing or stolen phone. But you should set-up a lock screen for an ounce of security. A siren can also be attached to your phone. Then, you can even set up Theftie, where you could just take a screenshot of someone trying to get uninvited into your mobile device. There are also other functions, aside from those, such as System Lock, Monitoring Agent and Remote History. All of these help you to totally protect your devices. And any health issues are occurred point click care login to help.

  • App Insights:

Often, AVG Antivirus Pro helps you to quickly access application insights. You will see the tracking system for app use, watch how you can use your time, see where your information is used, and find possible privacy concerns.

  • Privacy:

As far as privacy is concerned, AVG Antivirus Pro even lets you conceal images in a password-protected vault. Then, to lock applications, you can also access the screen lock functionality. In the application, there was a VPN service too.

  • Performance:
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AVG Antivirus Pro also lets you improve your device’s efficiency by destroying tasks and activities that slow it down. Thanks to the Power Saving option that actually switches the energy-draining applications off, you can even prolong your battery capacity. Then, to free up room for more meaningful ones, you can even clean junk data. Finally, you can check the download and upload speed of the Wi-Fi in the application!

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Android Protection AVG AntiVirus PRO:

  • Real-time scanning of applications, settings, files, media, calls & text messages (SMS)
  • Enable your missing or stolen phone to be found/located via Google MapsTM
  • To protect your privacy, Lock & Clean Your Phone
  • Destroy assignments that will slow the phone down
  • Safely and safely surfing the internet
  • Track the use of batteries, energy and data packages
  • Unnecessary Calls & messages (SMS) Filter & Blocked

AVG AntiVirus PRO Premium app:

  • App Lock: password-protect entry to the app
  • Backup App: Backup Apps from your computer to your SD
  • Device Lock: locks your handset if you change the SIM card


Is the use of AVG Antivirus Pro Crack Apk safe?

Yes, AVG AntiVirus PRO is 100% safe to our devices.

Does AVG Antivirus Pro still need me?

I know there are a number of free antiviruses currently on the market, but avg antivirus is the only one to search the computer with dual-engine technology. Consequently, I like this one.


The new update of avg antivirus pro apk 2020 for Android has been shared. Without charging for it, you can now enjoy any of the subscription perks. Bookmark this page so you’re never going to miss access to the new edition. Otherwise don’t forget to send it with your mates if you really like this post and find it beneficial. Also, if you’ve any concerns about android security apk avg antivirus pro, then please comment. I enjoy being able to hear from you.

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