Best Google Gravity hacks to Make Google More Fun

10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun

Google Gravity Tricks: We all use Google Gravity Tricks every day to find valuable knowledge, no matter anything we want.

Everyone knows that the Google search engine is the most popular search engine nowadays.We have some tricks, which we call Google gravity, integrated into several Google pages using JavaScript to have fun in Google. If you are feeling bore by using Google regularly in a routine manner, then follow the below steps, then you may have some fun.


Google Gravity hacks to Make Google More Fun

You will find the top Google Gravity list here. Google Underwater and Google Mirror are both popular Google searches relating to Google Gravity. But to see Google in a way that’s more fun and gamified than those search tricks, it’s going to be fun for you.
You can’t reach Google Gravity using any computer or smartphone device. Just to do that you have to go through a basic process. You can access Google Gravity step by step in this guide.

1.Google Mirror

When you look for the term Google mirror in Google, Google turns elgoog into a reflection template. The following steps are needed to get Google like this.

  • Open any browser and search
google mirror
  • search Google mirror on Search bar.
google mirror
  • Then you will get the page like this click on the Google mirror-I’m elgoog.
1.Google Mirror
  •  And finally, you’ll get the page in the Google Mirror format.
1.Google Mirror

Here we have some interesting topic.

2.Google Underwater

Google underwater is so much fun. If you watch it long enough, it drops the search bar along with search, and I’m feeling lucky options into the ocean with fish swimming all around it.

Here the search box doesn’t work, but it’s fun to play

  • To open Google Underwater.
  • First, open Google Mirror in a browser on the bottom of Google you’ll see the Underwater along with icon.
google underware google mirrir
  •  By doing the above process you can see the entire Google in the ocean along with some Fishes if you observe here by default in Google search “more fish please” will be there.
  • By clicking on the search, you can see that some more fishes are added into the ocean. It’s a pleasant but straightforward, nice background to have while you’re working.
10 Google Gravity Tricks to Make Google More Fun

3. Google Gravity

When you do this, Google Gravity gives a little bit of fun. Google Gravity will entertain shortly.

Google Gravity is one of the most basic tricks. Even though it doesn’t seem to get old, but keep in mind after you do this, it will not work to search for anything in the search bar.

Google Gravity

4. T-Rex Game

I thought everyone knows about this game when our device not connected to the internet if you open and search anything in the browser you will get the error page with no internet message,

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By clicking on the above “Dinosaur,” the game will start.

T-Rex Game
  • But we can’t get the same message page when we are connected to the internet for playing T-Rex Game, To play the T-Rex Game when we are connected to the internet also try this.
  • In the Google Mirror page, we can see the option T-Rex Game option along with dinosaur icon by clicking on the icon we can redirect to the game page.
T-Rex Game
  • To start the game just press space button on PC and touch the dinosaur to start the game in mobile.
  • We can also see that there is one more option, Activate Bot? by ticking on the box, it will redirect to hacked     T-Rex Game, and it will play automatically.
T-Rex Game

5. Google Guitar

Google Guitar is a trick that puts the search box back into a guitar. Use the mouse or visitor to pluck a string and head home.

You can experiment for a couple of well-known songs you can play in. It’s a small object and certainly didn’t stick your interest for a long time, but playing with Google Guitar is a lot of fun.

To open Google Guitar just click Guitar it’ll redirect to the Google Guitar page.

5. Google Guitar

6. Google Snake Game

In olden days in NOKIA mobile, we played that snake game if you feel like missing, then try this also you may have some fun for a minute and even no need to install any software to play Google snake game.

To play Google snake game online open Google Mirror and click on the Snake Game then you will redirect to the Google Snake Game page, Google Snake Game is a trick that returns the search box into a Snake Game and by controlling the 4 directions arrows(Left, Right, Up, Right), we can play the game

Google Snake Game

7. IP Location

Google IP Location is used to locate the current address in a GPRS system, and we can also be known our device IP Address is: *********.***

Your IP Geolocation is:

Latitude: ******     Longitude: *****     Accuracy: ** Meters

Address: Get Browser Geolocation Loading. And IP Location.

IP Location

8. Bing Mirror

Bing Mirror is the last option in Google Mirror. It’s same as Google Mirror by clicking on Bing Mirror the entire Bing Search page turns into a reverse format.

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 In the Bing Mirror page also we can’t search for anything, just to see differently only it will work and it looks fun.

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Bing Mirror

These are all the interesting Google hacks to make Google more fun.

9. Funny Google

Funny Google is a new trick that you never tried until you are coming to know, let’s check how to open Funny Google.

Funny Google is not available in Google Mirror we have to search it like how we search for Google Mirror.Funny Google is the casual Google-style main page with another window underneath called ‘Set another name.’ after searching the Funny Google you will get the page like this

Funny Google

Here, the word Set another name how it works means in the above image you can see that in place of Google, Funny Google is there in the Google style in that by entering.

Our name in search box we can see that Funny Google doodle is changed into your entered name by looking at that some smile will come on our face. You can see in the below image the Google doodle turns into your name like this.

9. Funny Google arenteiro

Not only our name we can search for different our Friends, Family members any name and we can share it to them directly through their Gmail, For that you have to click on the Send to a friend option then you will get the page like this and type your friend name and Gmail address.

Funny Google

10. Zerg Rush

Any gamer past a certain age will probably recognize this game.

Zerg rush is a playable game and Google creates it, it’s like the classic video game Star Craft and refers to a strategy of immediately building a large number of Small, cheap units and attacking one’s enemy before they have to chance to get established and you can see that in below image.

google Zerg Rush

Now that’s the one technique that delays the quest process deliberately, because it’s so much fun that we can excuse it quickly. Try Zerg Rush here and Finally, all the small ‘o’ characters are formed to GG format you can check in the below image.

10. Zerg Rush techunz


Google gravity is something enjoyable that you can use to tricks your loved ones and friends. You are using the method above, once you open the Google Gravity Website. There’s a different article regarding Google Gravity Tricks, and it’s the best article that I have posted. Use the direct connection to use Google Gravity on Mobile devices as well.

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