How To Best Prepare Yourselves For A Cataract Surgery In Sydney

How To Best Prepare Yourselves For A Cataract Surgery In Sydney

A cataract is one of the most prominent causes of blindness in senior citizens across the globe, and Sydney isn’t a stranger to this problem either. For many, it’s a slow descent into a permanent disability. It is advisable to be treated early by operations or laser cataract surgery in Sydney. However, it’s best to get a second opinion from a medical practitioner as many who still have healthy vision may not need to undergo surgery at all. For those having other underlying issues related to age, the risks may increase, and constant supervision may be required for some period after surgery.

How To Best Prepare Yourselves For A Cataract Surgery In Sydney

According to a study in 2018, Australia has about 700,000 residents living with cataracts; the numbers are surely higher now. However, age is the main cause for Sydney patients, followed by other minor factors like climate change and drugs. These will point out that a senior citizen is more likely to contract cataracts if proper measures aren’t taken. On the off chance that they do contract the problem, do take a look at some of the things to do to prepare for surgery once they are done with the medical diagnosis.

Preparing Oneself For A Cataract Operation:

  • The first thing that patients need to do is undertake a physical exam or an appointment to gauge the severity of the problem. Once the underlying symptoms are sorted out, doctors will recommend the type of surgery, the lens, and period of rest for their patients. If the cataract doesn’t affect the vision, then surgery may not be necessary for the time being. Patients can expect a few appointments every week or month until the day of the procedure. Precautions to be taken are:
  • Ensure to abstain from alcoholic beverages and drugs like tobacco for a few days before the surgery. Avoid contact lenses and all sorts of makeup, including lotions and creams, to prevent unnecessary irritation to the eyes and the eye lens.
  • Let the doctors know of any regular medications and avoid those that may cause blood thinning. Since it is a surgery, minimal bleeding may occur, so it’s best to keep the blood’s clotting ability to its best potential. Patients with underlying issues like diabetes may be required to follow a routine to keep their levels normal before the procedure. Don’t worry about the drops or antibiotics given before the surgery, as they help reduce the risk of any complications during the procedure.
  • There isn’t a strict regimen regarding the diet unless specified by the practitioners, and the same goes for clothes. Wear something loose and comfortable, which doesn’t obstruct the doctor or the nurse while working. As for the diet, it’s better not to indulge in anything for at least 12 hours before the surgery.
  • Always have someone to drive or accompany after the procedure, as sedatives can make the patient feel dizzy after the operation. After a laser cataract surgery in Sydney, people with jobs must take a week or two off to rest the healing eyes until their vision returns to normal.
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Patients report blurry vision after the surgery, but their vision returns to normal after a few days. Most patients are given spectacles or eye patches followed by medicinal drops and other medications. There are always a couple of follow-up appointments with the doctor after the process. The whole healing process should be complete in roughly about eight to nine weeks.

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