Best Trading Platform Australia

Best Trading Platform Australia


Over the past years, Aussies’ interest has grown in Trading because not only it’s a great source of generating passive income but it’s also very easy to get started with it if you know the right trading platforms. Here is some of the Best Trading Platform Australia if you want to get started with trading.



eToro is an easy-to-use & user-friendly online broker that has over 17 million investors trading on its site. It is noted for its social features, which allow users to copy the moves of other well-known traders.

In 2020, the platform began trading US stocks in Australia, followed by European and Hong Kong stocks. Because of its $0 brokerage fees, low currency conversion rate, and trading tools, it’s a popular pick for US stocks.

Note: it allows you to trade stocks and CFDs but be careful because CFDs are high-risk investments in which you might lose more than your initial investment.

Interactive Brokers Australia:

Interactive Brokers is a great choice if you’re looking for a top-rated online stock trading platform in Australia. This well-known online broker allows you access to over 135 global markets in 33 countries.

This includes the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, and, of course, Australia. It allows you to develop a varied portfolio of overseas stocks from a variety of stock markets. It also provides access to global bond markets and over-the-counter (OTC).

You either invests in stocks in the traditional sense or trade them using CFDs at Interactive Brokers. This platform is appropriate for both long- and short-term trading methods.

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Because of its extensive list of global markets, low global brokerage fees, and low currency conversion fees, Interactive Brokers is ranked first for international share trading.

CMC Markets:

CMC Markets is a wonderful option if you are a bit more advanced. While many of the finest Australian trading platforms we’ve examined so far are aimed toward beginners, CMC Markets is a great alternative if you are a seasoned veteran.

It is one of the finest technical analysis trading platforms in Australia. This is due to the platform’s extensive array of advanced trading tools, which provide day and swing traders everything they need to outperform the markets.

The in-house platform at CMC Markets, for example, includes dozens of technical indicators, the flexibility to customize your trading screen, and a variety of chart creation tools. There are numerous order types available on the site, both basic and complicated.


IG is a global trading industry giant which was founded in 1974 and is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy brokers in the world, it provides low-cost share trading in Australia, as well as outstanding trading tools, research, beginning trading videos, and access to over 8000 international share CFDs. It has very low brokerage on Australian stokes & almost 0$ brokerage on global stokes. However, the currency conversion fee is higher than some others.


ThinkMarkets, a multiple Mozo Experts Choice Award winner in the Casual ASX Trader and Casual ETF Trader categories, provides one of the cheapest trading systems available to casual traders.

Brokerage fees are set at a modest $8 per trade on sums up to $200,000 (it’s 0.05 percent on trades over that amount), and there are no monthly account fees, so investors can trade ASX-listed shares and ETFs for a low cost.

When new users register a new share trading account with ThinkMarkets, they will receive 10 free ASX transactions.

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