Busted! Here Are The Ludo Myths That Got Your Mind Twisted

Busted! Here Are The Ludo Myths That Got Your Mind Twisted

Ludo is the most loved board game on the planet and a favorite of people of all ages. Ludo has come down for centuries and survived quite capably, being such an ancient game of ages.

Ludo has taken a high ground in the age of the Internet and surpassed almost all games that emerged online. It seems the perfect game with the most straightforward rules that make it more engaging than others in a similar segment.

To play Ludo earn money and defeat numerous rivals online, you can choose to head over to various gaming websites, where it is pretty celebrated in 2022. Amid the raging popularity, myths have also sprouted regarding this game making it somewhat more interesting. However, your chances of winning will only slim down if you surrender to the modern-day myths that currently cloud the game.

Let us debunk some of the ludo game myths and see what sort of hidden things our minds are wrapped around in this simple game of dice.


The Online Dice Are Not Rigged

This myth is one of the oldest in the book and has confounded people with more questions than answers. In the online version of Ludo, each player has to touch the icon of the dice during their turn, after which it gets rolled and gives you a number that you are supposed to play. There has been much debate in online forums that this element of online Ludo is predetermined and assigns numbers that go through changes that the AI does by itself. However, this fact is not valid. The numbers that appear for each player follow a randomized algorithm and are entirely variable. In certain instances, the players may get the same numbers for consecutive terms, but that is also a part of the integrated algorithm and not a set pattern that the AI is following. This ranks as the most significant rumor that needs to be silenced as soon as possible.

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Winning Does Not Depend Upon Color

A common notion is that people who cannot win the game will usually fall for superstition and believe in the most outrageous of myths. This myth is applicable in both instances of online gaming and offline gaming. In the case of online gaming, it is certainly not determined which color gets what number at what rounds. This rumor is quite widespread and has led to the deterioration of people believing that they can get better by choosing red over blue or green over yellow. This fact clouds the player’s logical thinking in offline gaming. It is entirely safe to choose any color that you might find good enough. The colors exist solely to distinguish the players and make them separate entities in the game. Colors have no power over what sort of numbers you will deal with. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue; any of these colors can win the game of Ludo.

No Need To Juggle The Dice Or Wait To Get A Better Number

There is no hidden trick to getting a better number on the Ludo dice. It is chance and the number of tries that make for winning the game. The game has been played and tested by many people worldwide, and it is up to no one on what number is supposed to land. Some players extensively hold and juggle the dice in their hands or throw it in a particular manner to get a better number for their game, but that is entirely unnecessary and wastes a reasonable amount of time while the game is underway. In the online sections as well, people playing a different mode of Ludo tend to use the spin wheel a lot later than usual as they believe in the myth that if the wheel is stopped at the last moment, then there is a chance of grabbing better digits than stopping it immediately after the spinning. Such petty rumors only make the game more confusing than it is.

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Ludo Is Not Only A Game Of Luck

Ludo has been stamped several times like a game of pure luck. Most players like to believe that there is no alternative to depending blindly upon luck to win a game. However, this is not the case, as choices are far more significant than luck to grab the win over your rivals. If you get good figures at every turn, it is still possible to flop at the game if bad choices in moving your tokens are made. The placement of tokens determines the player’s capability to outwit the opponent. If a player were to get straight sixes a good number of times, it is wise to equally distribute the points among the tokens.

Contrary to popular belief, tricking your opponent is also a part of playing Ludo. You can move pieces in haphazard ways where an opponent will get greedy to capture a piece and might overlook his chances of winning. Therefore, this myth of luck is nullified as someone from behind can come forward with careful and strategic token movements and win the final game.

Final Thoughts

Ludo has come a long way from being a simple board game. Ludo has amassed hundreds of followers on the Internet and is growing its fandom every day, with more new players developing an interest. It is common to spread rumors and generate myths regarding such popular games, but one has to break the cycle, debunk them, and move forward. By debunking some of the strangest myths regarding Ludo, the game can be introduced to the confused section of people who have limited experience in playing the game and let them have a great time.

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