Commercial Cleaning: New Packages in the New Normal

Commercial Cleaning: New Packages in the New Normal

Ever wonder who came up with the idea of a commercial cleaning company? While attending school at the University of Oklahoma, Jim Cavanaugh thought about marketing his cleaning services to neighboring local businesses. He understood the need for a professional cleaner to get the job done is a problem that had a solution. This was the start of the rise in popularity for professional commercial cleaning companies.


Common Services Offered By Commercial Cleaning Companies

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit people worldwide, cleaning companies already had packages that included deep cleaning and disinfection. These two examples of the industries they cater to and the type of cleaning packages they offered pre-pandemic:

  1. Industrial Cleaning 

This type of cleaning is popular in factories that have manufacturing plants and warehouses. Packages can cover each part of the facility or all together in one package according to customers’ preference.

These cleaning companies have professional cleaners that are experts in the safety precautions that need to be done in dealing with facilities like this. Each type of industrial facility requires a unique type of cleaning.

One example would be food processing facilities that need FDA-approved cleaners and food-safe products.

2. Office Cleaning

Professional cleaners use heavy-duty equipment in cleaning each part of every office building. These are the parts of the office building included in the package:

  • Windows, Doors, & Glass Panels
  • Floors & Carpets
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Office Furniture Cleaning

“New Normal” Packages

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal packages offered before have been revamped and adjusted to accommodate the market’s new needs. While still catering to the same industries and having the same practices, new packages are now being offered to these institutions. Some of these are the following:

3. Back-to-Work Transition Packages

Now that having a clean workspace has become the top priority of employers, this package aims to alleviate the anxiety of employees to be physically back to their workspace. This package includes deep cleaning and disinfection using top-grade sanitizers and UV light. All common areas like office pantries and elevators are thoroughly cleaned and are installed with daily sanitising equipment. It also includes putting in signages for social distancing measures and hand sanitising practices.

4. COVID-19 Cleaning Package

Although the above package also caters to the needs of employers in the time of a pandemic, this package offers a more thorough cleaning and daily maintenance of institutions. As the virus has to be consistently avoided to avoid further transmission in the workplace, a fixed cleaning routine must be established by the cleaning partners of these institutions.

  • Cleaners are provided with a full set of PPEs and high-quality masks and equipment.
  • Additional cleaning hours between shifts are implemented,
  • Hourly checks and disinfections

As the lockdowns being lifted and the economy slowly recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, business institutions are also thinking of better ways to protect their people. Also, commercial cleaning companies are coming up with new ways and techniques to help these institutions provide their workers with a safe environment. This step will significantly help ease their anxiety and worry about the virus as it lessens the possibility of catching it. It is now everybody’s responsibility to do their best to stop the spread of the virus and slowly jumpstart economic activity.

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