4 Signs that indicate It’s High Time to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

High Time to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Marriage failures are becoming common these days among non-compatible couples. Though such decisions can be heartbreaking, taking the legal way to end marriages is the right way to get things done, especially if you have a child. But in most cases, child care post divorces have turned crucial due to incompatibility of an ex-couple, where co-parenting failed. As a result, child custody disputes can turn remarkably stressful for those who lack legal support from specialized attorneys. However, one needs to understand that hiring a child custody lawyer can be inevitable in certain situations. And the only thing is that you need to watch out for such signs:

4 Signs That Indicate It’s High Time to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Knowing When to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

The current Australian divorce rate is around 1.9 per 1,000 people. And, though the rate is dipping compared to its past figures, there are still cases that involve complicated child custody problems. So, here are five signs that indicate you need to hire a child custody lawyer:

  • You Understand the Need to Know Family Laws

Your divorce case might put you in a situation where you might feel the urge to learn family laws. Unfortunately, the majority of couples and even divorcees are not aware of family laws. So, if you are planning to represent yourself in the court, arguing for your child’s custody without knowing these laws, the possibility that you lose the case is higher.

On the flip side, when you hire a child custody attorney, you can live at peace, for they are experts and are highly knowledgeable. Moreover, a child custody advocate will take care of the entire process, from filing the petition to arguing at the court and managing the paperwork.

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  • Your Ex Has Hired a Child Custody Lawyer

In most mutual divorce cases, the couple would have decided on co-parenting without moving deep into family laws or custody segments. However, things may not be the same. At some point, your cooperative ex may have a different opinion on raising the child. In such cases, they might move and hire a child custody attorney.

On the other end, if you remain hesitant about hiring a lawyer, then certainly your ex has more chances of winning your child’s custody. After all, you cannot self-represent and win a case against a specialized child custody lawyer!

  • Your Ex Has Already Filed a Petition

In some instances, your ex would have changed their mind about co-parenting, and it can be due to one or more reasons. And whether your ex is getting married to someone else or relocating to another state, they are likely to file a petition claiming you might be unfit for child custody. In such cases, despite whether your ex has hired a lawyer or not, it is high time you hire one.

Also, for those ex-couple who have crossed jurisdictions, the variance in child custody laws between different countries can cause further trouble in the case. However, if you have a child custody attorney to assist you amidst jurisdiction crossing, you are likely on the winning side.

  • Your Ex Harms Your Child / Prevents Your Visits

Child custody disputes can pop suddenly when your ex starts to prevent your visits during mutual co-parenting. And if you find your ex is purposefully canceling your parenting course or minimizing your parenting time, you need to hire a child custody lawyer. Also, in instances where you suspect your ex is harming or subjecting your child to harm due to alcohol influence or personal vengeance, it is high time you hire a specialized attorney to safeguard your child.


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