How to Download & Install Premium Adguard APK


ADGUARD PREMIUM APK DOWNLOAD: Have you ever been frustrated by seeing ads when using your favourite android applications? Since closing the relevant app, also sometimes? And even, by browsers while viewing websites? If you by any chance do then nowhere is the AdGuard Premium life-saving application which works without even root access requirements.


About Adguard Premium Apk:

Usually, you can only find Adguard Advertising Blocker in apps stores, which comes with restrictions and only functions on certain selected browsers (ie Yandex and Samsung) which allow plugins to block adverts. You ought to take a peek at the main AdGuard Premium APK for other web pages, which will block advertisements from the device level. Why are advertisements viewed by app developers and website owners? This issue comes from a particular side of the coin. Well, in order to keep all the required things, the developers need some capital, and of course, in the terms of cash, they must have inspiration. They could lose enthusiasm otherwise.

What is AdGuard Premium Apk:


A changed version of the standard AdGuard App is AdGuard Premium Mod Apk. You can use all the premium services such as blocking in-app advertisements, protection from advance detection, protection from ransomware, and many others free of charge. For mobile users, AdGuard is the best platform that enables them to browse the web with maximum high-end protection in an ad-free world. It lets users get rid of web data monitoring and repetitive irritating commercials, destroying the surfing experience.

 You can get AdGuard Premium:

  • Unlock all premium specifications
  • Get Self-Protection
  • Logs Filter
  • Enjoy premium security of privacy
  • Activate parental control
  • Get the experience of ad-free browsing
  • Remove ads from services

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You can experience smoother web browsing with greater ease with the help of their premium ad-blocker filtration. It has a strong private virtual server tunnel that can sort out both incoming and outgoing traffic quickly. The greatest part is that all the malicious networks that can destroy your device and warn the user immediately are automatically detected by this app. AdGuard premium prevents all the advertising on the browser steadily without compromising the customer experience.


How to Download & Install Premium Adguard APK

The AdGuard Premium APK for Android devices can be downloaded here. Although the free edition will do certain things on all web browsers, but maybe not the Android ones, including ad blocking. So, to remove advertisements on apps and use certain other features, you need to sign up for their premium service.


This application isn’t really available in the Google Playstore, as their rules would not allow applications for system-wide ad-blocking.

From below, download Adguard Premium APK.


After Download installation process:

  1. Click the download button listed in the segment above.
  2. Go over to the file manager where it is saved until the download is complete. After this, click on APK file.
  3. There is a probability of having a safety popup that makes this installation. Please go to the settings and allow unknown sources.
  4. You are ready to go now. Once again, press and instal the Adguard Premium APK file normally.
  5. Open the application and turn on the security feature. It will create a local VPN and will not redirect traffic to its remote server through you. All of the stuff will be handled directly from your system.


  • Block Ads:

Web browser, Android applications, and gamers block distracting advertising. Ad styles include animations, banners, popups, drive, interstitial, and more, for example.

  • Privacy Protection:

It blocks advertisements for ransomware, monitoring codes and spyware that threaten to steal your personal information. Adguard provides device protection and top-notch priority, and the DNS logs will not be kept.

  • Saves mobile data:
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It is not a bug, of course, but it lets you save your cellular data indirectly. And here’s how? You will certainly save your cell data until it blocks some ads when visiting websites.

  • Filtering:

There are also default philtres to provide users with maximum protection. You can also add unique URLs to the philtre and block them. In order to prevent viewing unsuitable pages, custom philtres are the safest choice.

  • Whitelist:

If you want to visit or approve the source, you can add any URLs to the Whitelist.

  • Browser extensions:

Including the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Yandex and Microsoft Edge, support a number of web browsers.

  • Stealth mode:

This module blocks web trackers from your identification and personal details.

  • HTTPS Filtering:

HTTPS Screening-Advanced filtering mechanism to boost website ad-blocking.


Is using AdGuard for surfing illegal?

No, of course not, even when they have a free source and shareware licence, it is not illegal to use this application, which helps them to ban any ads according to their mechanisms and algorithm.

Is it secure to use Mod Apk on this?

Yeah, on any system, it is 100 per cent safe to use AdGuard Premium Apk.

Is AdGuard watching me?

AdGuard is a trusted business ad blocker, and like other cheap ad blockers, it’ll never track any detail. They use the site only and uninstall the advertisers on your devices to display advertising.


Adguard Premium apk is the best app for ad blocking over common ones such as Ad Block plus in some ways. Phishing philtre aims to avoid phishing sites, by processing the website before the browser loads to removing advertisements and conceal them. These URLs are constantly updating their data with blacklists. If you have any questions comment below.

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