How to Purchase the Best Towable Tube for Your Boat?

How to Purchase the Best Towable Tube for Your Boat?

As the weather starts to turn warmer in Australia, it’s time to be out on the boats, soaking in the beachy weather and having fun in the water. And what better way to enjoy than to engage in water sports – perhaps tubing? It is fun, exciting, and thrilling to run around behind the boat hanging on the ski tube – enjoying the roller coaster ride feeling above the sea.


How to Purchase the Best Towable Tube for Your Boat?

What’s greater is that it is available in different shapes and sizes, from young adults to a child, and even someone older can lounge or ride on the water tube.

But are you aware that the wrong tube will ruin your whole beach day’s fun? So, to not let that happen, let’s discuss how to choose the best one.

Number of Riders

The first thing you should consider when looking for a tube is how many riders it will have to accommodate. It is obvious the larger your tube, the more people can sit on it. Plus, the materials and construction will also be strong.

Each towable is designed so that every person can sit comfortably and securely on them. So, it is essential that you don’t exceed the limit of persons allowed to sit on the tube you buy. If you add more people than the manufacturer recommends, an accident is bound to occur.

Types of Towable Tubes

Once you know how many people will be sitting on the water ski tube, it is time to think about the design. Each type of towable tube will accommodate riders of different ages, levels, and speeds, so you should consider these too when choosing the design.

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  • Open Top Tubes: This doughnut shape tube is versatile and perfect for riders of all ages and levels – newbies or experienced. Also, you can ride in different ways on the open-top tubes. For instance, you can lay on your stomach with your feet hanging over the back and touching the water. Or perhaps you can place yourself in a sitting position with your legs by the side.
  • Deck Tubes: It is the one to buy if you are looking for a fast ride that can easily accommodate around three to four people depending upon the manufacturer. Though, you have to grip firmly while you lay on your stomach out in the water riding.
  • Dual Tow Point Tubes: As the name suggests, this tube has two tow points on each side. It is popular amongst people of all ages since riders can sit facing the front by holding the handles or on their back, like sitting on a chair. You can also turn it around to create a riding experience – chariot style.

The Right Tow Rope

To ride the towable tube, you must have a suitable rope to attach to the boat. It should be around 50 feet long and not exceed the length of 65 feet. If it is shorter, it will lead to a crest in the wake, which would spray people in the face when riding. At the same time, if it is longer, it could cause whipping.

Apart from length, consider the strength, too. Something with lower durability will snap under the load of the riders, possibly during the ride – not something you want.

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The Bottom Line

Tubing is an amazing activity that people of all ages can enjoy. However, your enjoyment will only be possible with the best tube. So, be careful and consider the above factors when looking out for a tow tube.

Remember to enquire about everything from capacity to design, size to material, and also don’t forget about the rope. The rope and tube – go hand in hand to make your tubing activity safe and fun.

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