Need Magento Development? Check out our 5 Top Benefits

Need Magento Development? Check out our 5 Top Benefits

Magento is a popular open source content management system targeted at online stores. This CMS is based on PHP and ZendFramework technologies. The Magento system is very convenient for both administrators and users (buyers) of the site.

Magento is one of the leading open source e-commerce solutions that has been designed to be flexible and scalable. With over 125,000 sites and Fortune 500 companies powered by Magento, it is certainly quite popular. Here are some pros and cons that you should consider.

Due to its large set of tools and advanced functionality, Magento is in demand among online store custom magento development. Magento is now part of Ebay Inc. Its developers include many online stores of major technology brands, including Samsung, Lenovo, Olympus and others.

Need Magento Development? Check out our 5 Top Benefits



  • Search engine optimization. Magento 2 has advanced SEO features to help your online store achieve high search engine rankings. These include an automatically generated Google sitemap and searchable URLs.
  • Site and content management. Magento 2 users have full control over the admin panel. They can customize and save different views of the admin panel to better manage their daily tasks. In addition, the platform allows you to define multiple roles and permissions to control access to administrative functions.
  • Checkout. With Magento 2, your customers can see shipping costs and taxes right at the checkout. They can also take advantage of the guest verification service out of the box.

Affordable website development

Accessibility is an important factor to consider when choosing a platform for developing an online store. If you are looking for a fast and profitable online sales solution, this platform can be a great option. Development of an online store on Magento is affordable because cloud hosting reduces the cost of maintaining, monitoring and hosting your resource. The cost very much depends on the desired functionality and the selected CMS version.

Management of multiple websites

Using multiple stores on a website is a great idea. If you are looking to apply a comprehensive multi-store strategy to your online store. Many companies prefer it because of its multichannel strategy, which allows you to create and manage online stores from a single dashboard. This is especially true for regional stores.


This framework has a huge community: developers, programmers, bloggers, project managers, etc. If the developers are faced with any problem, they can contact the community members. The CMS forum is well prepared: there are recommendations, instructions, a step-by-step guide for specific problems. The Magento community regularly informs users about trends and the latest technologies, which means you will receive a product that is relevant today with the possibility of upgrading.

Source code

Magento is free and open source. The platform allows online stores to customize websites according to their business goals and objectives. If you hire a full-cycle company, developers will create a product, and marketers will be engaged in promoting your online store through modules. By installing or developing modules in the online store, the developer can add new functions to create a unique and author’s design.

Excellent performance

Magento support services by Elogic is the undisputed leader when we talk about reducing page load times, processing requests, and other static operations. Also, the framework is capable of providing high performance for an online store. Magento is often chosen because of the thousands of extensions that can be used for customization.

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