Street Wear 101: How to Sport A Basketball Jersey

Street Wear 101: How to Sport A Basketball Jersey

Basketball is one of the most popular competitive sports globally, having followers from all over the world. Wearing a Chicago Bulls or Brooklyn Nets jersey is a fantastic way to show your support for the team or a certain player or add some flair to your look.

In short, you can look just as fashionable in a basketball jersey if you know how to choose the appropriate one for you and how to wear it in public. Here are some tips on how to sport them.


Make them the highlight of your outfit

Regardless of the sport, wearing T-shirts underneath jerseys always looks great. For one, it draws attention to the colors on the jersey. Wearing an undershirt with your jersey also gives you a more “formal” appearance.

Of course, basketball shirts—whether you’re wearing a Chicago Bulls or Brooklyn Nets jersey—can be rather exposing. In such instances, having a shirt underneath makes you look presentable.

Street Wear 101: How to Sport A Basketball Jersey

Hoops jerseys may also be worn as tank tops in hot weather or at the beach. However, most situations will need the use of an undergarment as well. Ultimately, however, it’s up to you how you want to style it depending on when and where you would be wearing them.

Layers, layers, layers: Making it look more fashionable

Basketball jerseys may be paired with a variety of shirts for a less traditional but fashionable look.

To make your jersey’s colors more fun, consider wearing bright sweaters or jackets. You can also opt to wear a purple or a deeper shade of red turtleneck underneath a red jersey. Coats and jackets are worn over the jersey meanwhile giving off a sporty and stylish look.

Add pizzazz to your outfit with accessories like sunglasses or chains

If you’re on a beach in hot, bright weather, consider wearing your basketball jerseys with sunglasses that will protect you from the sun.

If you wish to go for a more hip-hop look, you can always don gold chains with your jersey, especially since it has become a popular accessory among basketball players.

Remember To Put On Your Shoes

Wearing only basketball jerseys will result in a fashion catastrophe unless you have comfortable

matching casual sneakers. Of course, you may also wear sneakers to complete the look.

Choose A Larger Size

One of the most important things to remember when buying a jersey is that you should always get one larger than your usual size. Nobody puts on a sports shirt that is too tight. Everyone enjoys having a jersey that may be worn casually or at ease. In the cold, you may also wear clothing underneath your jersey.

Store it properly

Many people fold their jerseys and store them in a drawer. However, this can lead to the number or name on your jersey wrinkling or even peeling off. To prevent this unpleasant predicament, try hanging them in the closet.

As basketball enthusiasts, fans of the game often wear jerseys to express their support for their favorite team or player. Thankfully, it’s also become a fashionable option of late, as it gives off that casual but fun, enjoyable look.

Some may argue that wearing a jersey outside is not the most stylish option. However, you can appear as cool as your favorite NBA superstar—especially when you wear them right.

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