When it comes to the R & D of a vehicle, one of the most important aspects of that is the proper design of the suspension system. It is a very integral part of any vehicle’s mechanical hardware. This assembly of a suspension mainly consists of struts and shock absorbers. Without the proper functioning of this system, it could become exceedingly difficult and dangerous for a passenger to control the vehicle.

Working and importance of a car suspension:

  • If a person is asked about what goes into making a car, they will mostly not think of a suspension system first. But it is important to know that this is one of the most critical parts of making a car safe and rigid.
  • The principal force used is the force of dissipation, which involves converting the impact force into heat energy, and hence removing that impact force from the system.
  • The force is absorbed by this system that is usually in the form of springs and bars. Four types are most commonly used, coil spring, leaf spring, torsion bars, and air springs.
  • The car when it goes over a bump, for instance, or if the driver suddenly applies brakes due to going into a pothole on the road, the impact force will multiply. Usually, the kind that could cause damage to the vehicle in the chain cause danger to the people in the car. To avoid this, the spring in the car absorbs the impact and immediately converts them to heat such that the impact effects are averted.
  • The struts in this system are also known as dampers or shock absorbers. They help the springs and leaves to absorb the shock and release it. The main purpose of this is to protect the chassis from continuous bouncing and vibration, which can potentially weaken the links.
  • This system is important for the passenger to enjoy a comfortable and safe journey in their car, especially when they go on long drives. It becomes essential that they do not strain their backs due to the distress caused by uneven roads and pathways.
  • When the roads are slippery or in worse situations when the driver needs to slam on the brakes, it is this system that protects the entire vehicle.
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Signs to change the Parts:

  • One of the main signs to look out for is when the journey is not smooth, despite getting the car serviced. If the road bumps are being felt inside due to the car vibrations, chances are the springs and struts need changing.
  • If the vehicle is taking too long to stop despite applying brakes, then there must certainly be a problem with the system. It is said that a bad set of springs and struts can increase the time taken by the vehicle to stop by 20%.
  • Another way to check if the system is working fine is by assessing the tyres. If the tires have random bald spots, then it is a clear indication that the system has gone off.
  • If while turning, the car seems to not be stable, and it feels quite difficult to make the turn, then it could be possible that the suspensions would have a problem with them. It is also important to note that if this problem persists, take the care to a garage immediately, as it is a very life-threatening risk to take. Do not compromise on the safety of family and loved ones.

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