Mobile App Development: 8 Tips to Make a Viral Mobile Game

Tips to Make a Viral Mobile Game

The primary goal of mobile app development is garnering the highest possible number of users possible. If you want to create a successful mobile application, it is vital to reach out to many people to gain momentum. Every developer hopes and expects to gain a large number of downloads once their mobile app launches.

However, only a few out of a thousand mobile applications gain long-term virality. Making your application go viral means that you need to stop using traditional marketing approaches and switch to newer and more effective strategies.


Mobile App Development: 8 Tips to Make a Viral Mobile Game

Make your app unique.

If you wish for your mobile application to gain virality, ensure that it is unique or carries incredible benefits for your users. Assuming your app doesn’t have any of these qualities, it’s doubtful that someone will actively recommend it to their friends or social media platforms. Thus, the best way to make your application go viral is to make sure that it is unique and catches the user’s interest.

Make it effortless.

The mobile applications users tend to spend time on are effortless and straightforward. In short, these apps have a good “flow.” A flow has nothing to do with charts or processes. It pertains to being absorbed in what you are doing. If your application has a good flow, the user loses his sense of self and time and is wholly preoccupied with the app. Creating a flow in your application is done during the design and development stages.

You’ll have to eliminate all distractions and obstacles that users may encounter when using your application or sharing it with others. Continuously make sharing a part of the mobile app development process. Allow users to simultaneously share their accomplishments to various social media sites; this offers a wide range of viral potential.

If you possess the necessary knowledge and skills, you can opt to develop your mobile application yourself. If you create the app or are highly involved in its development, it is easier to ensure the flow you want. However, it is wiser to employ an application development company like Slingshot app development if you don’t have the necessary skills.

Make use of influencers.

Social media’s age is a significant factor that gives influencers the large following they possess. Simply employ the right individual to promote your mobile app. Fortunately, influencers are available in almost every field of interest. Thus, you can be sure to find the right person to market your app. All in all, you simply need a promotional video or tweet, or message from an influencer that highlights the best features of your application.

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A single mention by an influencer will persuade their followers to gain interest in the application and encourage them to download it. An influencer’s promotion will also serve as social credibility to potential users, which gives your application a bigger audience.

However, influencers also have an image to uphold. So, they will only promote an item or service that is good and worthwhile. The initial step is to reach out to the influencer you choose and persuade them that the application has good characteristics.

Respond to inquiries and reviews promptly.

In some cases, when prospective or current users inquire regarding your app, they won’t only see if you will respond but also how fast you answer their questions. Disregarding inquiries and giving overdue responses to questions may imply that you don’t give your app’s users importance.

Moreover, when a possible user poses an inquiry on a public page, others will see how fast and well you will respond to the query. Along these lines, elaborate and quick answers effectively promote your application. In fact, you can spin your responses to certain inquiries to promote specific functions and features of your application.

Study your competitors.

You need to know a great deal regarding your competition. Knowing what you are up against will help you develop a superior mobile application that you can easily promote and users can smoothly use.

As users love trying out new features, they are consistently on the lookout for the best mobile application to make their life more convenient. Having innovative and practical features that other competitors don’t have will help make your application stand out.

Cover all the leading app stores.

Uploading your application on Google Play Store isn’t enough. You need to upload your mobile application to various application stores to acquire an advantage against competitors. You can pick the regions you need to target.

Also, try to get your applications a feature in alternative application stores. Note that launch freebies draw in almost everyone. Alternative application stores let you make your app free during the primary day of launch, which generates more exposure and raises the download volume.

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Establish an online presence.

If nobody knows about your brand or mobile application, how can you make your app viral? One of the effective methods of gaining app or brand popularity is using an online presence. If you think about it, most of your possible users are online. Thus, it is wise to promote over the internet.

You can get a landing page or website to serve as your brand’s page. Your landing page or site will become your platform to help current and possible patrons further understand the application’s main idea and use creative and personal design will have a significant impact on your brand. Choose specific color palettes and fonts to make your site’s visuals pleasing to the eye.

Optimize the app store.

Your application needs to reach a high rank in numerous app stores to ensure that your target audience successfully sees your mobile app. Most app stores utilize a specific algorithm to push applications to the top of the search results.

App rankings mainly depend on application ranking variables, such as the keywords and app title. Ensure the following components are complete and in place when you upload your mobile application to the app store:

  • App Title
  • App Description
  • Keywords
  • Icons
  • App Screenshots
  • App Specifications

Thus, the best way to make your application go viral is to make sure that it is unique and catches the user’s interest. Also, consider using online app makers; for example, ConstApps is an eCommerce app builder, which will help you to create your app in a few hours.

Final Thoughts

Regarding mobile app virality, your app either becomes an iconic app or something that rests at the bottom of the app store. With a vast number of applications available, it’s insufficient just to develop an application, launch it, and wait ’til it garners attention. You need to put in extra time and effort to make sure your mobile application gains long-term popularity.

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