4 most popular apps for android/most useful apps for Android

4 most popular apps for android/most useful apps for Android

4 most popular apps for android/most useful apps for Android: Four interesting apps in android The Android apps atop the pantheon stood alone. Such mobile applications have become widely available with Android and if you’re looking for good stuff it’s claimed that you have some of this stuff already. There are a lot of beautiful Android apps out there. Its value, nevertheless, is usually limited to the preferences of the people who use them. Everybody uses these most popular apps for android.

  1.  Cambly-English Teacher
  2. Pixel Flow- Intro maker and text animator
  3. Walkie-talkie
  4. Firefox Screenshot Go Beta-Find Screenshots Fast

 Most Popular Apps for Android


 Most Popular Apps for Android

1. Cambly-English Teacher

Cambly app is the best app to learn English through an online courses. Any Language we can’t learn the language by reading or listening. Who is looking for native English speakers to practice your spoken English With?


However, if we speak in English then only we can learn English fast and perfectly in English. To learn English, we have lots of apps in Play store but there is no facility to communicate with others, but in this app. We have the facility to communicate with tutors they will teach English in live by that we can improve our communication skills, if we speak any mistakes then they will correct the mistakes. The great thing is there is no appointments needed to call Tutor and it’s available 24/7 Most useful apps for Android.

To find the best tutor for us we can choose a best tutor by read profiles. Whatever the language it is important steps are reading, listening and speaking, so this app is very useful to who wants communicate with others.

To install Cambly-English Teacher app click here

Follow the below steps to open Cambly-English Teacher app

  • Open play store app
  • Search Cambly-English Teacher
  • Click on install Most Popular Apps for Android camably english techer (2).png
  • Open Cambly-English Teacher
  • Now the app is ready to use in our mobile.

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2. PixelFlow- Intro maker and text animator

PixelFlow app is the very useful app for video editors who are editing videos for YouTube, TikTok WWE can add channel names, page names, our profile names on video. Generally, if we observe some videos in YouTube, TikTok or in any other social media there will be some scrolling like subscribe, like here, share this video, their channel names they will use to scroll on the video.


By using this PixelFlow app we can add some animated text on the videos. What ever the names we want we can add that text, after adding name on the editor simply we can export later we can import that animated text to the video.

Follow the below steps to open PixelFlow- Intro maker and text animator

  • Open play store app
  • Search PixelFlow
  • Click on install Most Popular Apps for Android pixel flow (2).png
  • Open PixelFlow

3. Walkie-talkie

Next interesting app which is Walkie-talkie. By using this Walkie-talkie App, we can communicate with anyone easily without balance easily. To communicate with another person what we have to do here is, the person whom we want to talk with that person. They need to install same app.

This is very simple process to connect the devices. Generally, when we are using Walkie-talkie by pressing one button in our Walkie-talkie, we communicate with others like that the same process in this app also. By keeping the same frequency (84.1 or 84.2 or 84.3) like this we can set the frequencies in both the devices we can communicate easily most popular apps for android. By using this process, we can also connect multiple devices easily like this where ever we are living we can communicate easily. But the main thing is who wants to communicate by using the Walkie-talkie app everyone should have an Internet connection then only it will work. If you are interested https www voot com activate.

Follow the below steps to open Walkie-talkie app

  • Open play store app
  • Search Walkie-talkie
  • Click on install
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 Most Popular Apps for Android \walkitalki

  • Open Walkie-talkie

4. Firefox Screenshot Go Beta-Find Screenshots Fast

Most useful apps for Android Firefox Screenshot Go Beta app by using this app we can extract data from images to text format and it is an easy process. Generally, sometimes by using mobiles, we are reading articles on the internet like Wikipedia or some other sites, sometimes we need the data which is in the image format or in the article, and also it’s helpful to copy data from images.

We also save screenshots of our liked captions in Facebook, Instagram or in any other social media and it’s lazy to type the data which is already typed by someone so by using this app we can copy the data easily. Also, we need to enter the data in Microsoft PowerPoint or Notepad or any other based on our requirement however we can easily copy the data from the Internet, Images.

Firefox Screenshot Go Beta app is providing Find it Fast with search option you can see in the below image. Firefox Screenshot Go Beta is also providing Take Action On Text option which is helpful to copy the data from our screenshot for share, web search, or more. We can also share the data or screenshot with friends, any time. Finally, it is very helpful for those who wants to avoid typing the data.

Follow the below steps to open Firefox Screenshot Go Beta app

  • Open play store app
  • Search Firefox Screenshot Go Beta
  • Click on install

 Most Popular Apps for Android\firefox

  • Open Firefox Screenshot Go Beta


We have identified the some use full apps in the android application in the daily usage. we recommend these apps for the daily usage has been increased in the android phone. you can increase your productivity with application in the daily life. you will find these article more helpful and use full which is requested by the user. please share this article with friends, family and social media.

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