5 Major Industries to Conquer in 2022

5 Major Industries to Conquer in 2022

An industry is an essential component of every country’s financial system since it produces marketable goods and services that keep the economy running. People find employment in firms that fall into one or more of these categories. It is vital to research the many sectors accessible in India in order to determine which one best suits your interests and expertise. Based on economic activity and income levels, industries can be categorised into three major categories.

  • Primary industries extract natural resources from the earth for human consumption. Forestry, agriculture, fishing, mining, etc.
  • They take primary industry products into finished goods. This encompasses primarily the construction and manufacturing industries.


The tertiary sector is responsible for marketing items from secondary industries to customers. Finance, education, telecommunications, professional services, franchises, public health, etc.

The five different types of industries are:

1. Entertainment

The entertainment sector makes money by piquing and retaining the audience’s interest and attention by presenting them with a pleasurable experience through movies, songs, theatre performances, concerts, TV shows, sports, and video games. The entertainment business comprises mass media companies, production houses, music labels, game companies, TV channels, and news agencies, which is part of the economy’s tertiary sector. Following is a list of potential careers in the entertainment industry:

Film director, Video editor, Screenwriter, Photographer, and Production Assistant

2. Finance

The finance business comprises a wide range of economic activities that generate, handle, and enable money movement. Consumers can get insurance from financial institutions, and homeowners can get mortgages and business loans. Banking, professional counseling, wealth management, mutual funds, insurance, stock market, treasury or debt instruments, audit consultancy, capital restructuring, and portfolio management are booming areas in India’s finance business. Here are some examples of potential finance careers:

Chief Financial Officer, Financial analyst, Personal banker, Financial Manager, and Senior Accountant

3. Health-related Industries

The medical or health care sector generally provides care to patients to restore their health or to the general population to keep them healthy. Businesses in the health care industry make medical equipment, create pharmaceuticals, provide medical insurance, and enable the provision of medical services. Hospitals, medical gadget makers, laboratories, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, mythdhr, and pharmaceutical corporations are all part of the medical industry. Here are some possible occupations in this field:

Medical officer, Pharmacist, Veterinarian, Medical lab technician, and Nurse

4. Software Industry

The software industry, at its heart, is the segment of the IT sector that programs and operates computers to do specified activities. It offers four types of services: programming, system, open-source, and SaaS. (software as a service). This category contains companies that create, maintain, publish, and distribute software (either “license or maintenance based” or “cloud-based”). Here are some possible occupations in this field:

Data Scientist, Full-stack developer, Machine-Learning Engineer, Blockchain Development.

5. Education

The education sector is made up of educational institutions that provide training and knowledge and a talent pool for other industries. These educational institutes might be public and private (non-profit or for-profit). Schools, colleges, universities, education ministries or departments, tutoring services, research centers, and firms that develop and supply educational materials and products are included. Here are some possible occupations in this field – Academic manager, Lecturer, Academic Writer, and Educational Counselor. Click here to learn about the agro-based industries in India.

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