Is Business Analyst a Good Career?

Is Business Analyst a Good Career?


Is Business Analyst a Good Career?

An anonymous quote says,

‘It’s not just about being better. It’s about being different. You need to give people a reason to choose your business.’

To get the above purpose served, the professionals who work behind the scenes are called Business Analysts. Business Analysis has become the need of an hour. It is a business analysis that helps a business to define its track for progress.

It is obvious that while choosing a career many questions come to your mind. Professionals looking for a career in Analytics find it difficult to choose their career path. We will discuss the topic in detail and let you know whether becoming a business analyst is a good career choice.

Typically, Business Analysis is a process of introducing change in an organization, which is done by defining requirements and coming up with solutions delivering value to stakeholders.

The set of practices, tasks, and techniques used to carry out business analysis are properly defined in a BABOK Guide or A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge.

What is a Business Analyst?

According to IIBA, business analysts are referred to as agents of change. Business analysts typically take a disciplined approach to introduce and managing changes to organizations which may be profits, non-profits, or government agencies.

Business analysis is done basically to identify and articulate the requirement for changes in the way a business works, and also to facilitate change. As a business analyst, you are required to identify and characterize the solutions that improve the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders and other concerned people. You have to work across all organizational levels and you might also be required to do other tasks such as designing strategies, building the enterprise architecture, or leading the team in order to define the objectives and requirements for projects and programs to support continuous improvement in its processes and technology.

Usually, as a business analyst, you are expected to possess specialized knowledge to act as a leader and guide the business through an unknown track and make it reach the desired goal. The value of business analysis is realized with solutions that are cost-effective, and beneficial, identifying new opportunities, modeling of organization, and understanding the requirements. Through effective business analysis, you can make sure that your organization identifies these benefits, eventually enhancing the way business functions.

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What Does a Business Analyst Do?

Identification, synthesis, and analysis of information collected from various resources are the essence of business analysis. So, a BA is accountable for eliciting the requirements of stakeholders, the process of which involves investigating and understanding the needs properly and identifying issues and causes that lie within.

As a BA you are required to align the solutions with the requirements of stakeholders. Some of the key responsibilities of a BA are:

  • Understand objectives and problems
  • Analyze the requirements and solutions
  • Define strategies
  • Introduce and manage changes
  • Facilitate collaboration with stakeholders

Now, if you wish to know why you should become a business analyst, let’s look at some compelling reasons.

Why should you become a Business Analyst in 2022?

Or simply, is becoming a business analyst a good decision? The answer is a YES!! Let’s see why.

  1. One role, many job titles

A Business Analyst can wear different hats besides being a Business Analyst such as Business System Analyst, System Analyst, Process Analyst, Requirements Engineer, Enterprise Analyst, Data Scientist, Management Consultant, Business Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst, Product Owner, and many more.

  1. Massive Growth for Business Analyst Roles

Not specifically for the title ‘Business Analyst’ but for the titles, this term encompasses, there is a massive growth recorded by agencies. Tradition Business Analyst roles are expected to grow consistently over the next decade, which include Budget Analyst to grow by 5%, Financial Analyst to grow by 6%, and Computer System Analyst by 5%.

BA roles that are tech and trends oriented which include Operations Research Analyst are expected to grow by 25%, Market Research Analyst to grow by 22%, and Information Security Analyst to grow by 33%.

You can see that these roles are set to see massive growth thereby giving you plenty of growth opportunities. The most important reason for becoming a Business Analyst is the growth that is expected to swipe the world.

  1. It is easy to make a career in this domain
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Since there is a massive demand for business analysts all over the world, you can easily enter this domain. With a training course and career guidance, you can start your career in business analysis.

You can keep a cherry on the cake with a certification from IIBA such as CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) or the ISEB qualification or other equivalents.

  1. Dynamic Job Profile

With unimaginable advancements in technology, and the ever-changing demands of stakeholders, customers, and individuals, the work of business analysis also changes. So, you are always required to be prepared for facing challenges and come up with solutions.

If you look at the typical process of business analysis, you will see that it all depends on data. With changing data processes and types, the business analysis process also changes.

Every day with new problems and challenges, a BA has got to continuously improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  1. BAs are paid huge salaries

Business Analysts are paid huge salaries everywhere. The median annual salary of a BA in India is around INR 607,209. The salary of a BA increases with experience, skills, and certifications, and may go as high as INR 1 million annually.

Some of the popular names looking for BAs are CSC(Computer Sciences Corporation), TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), HCL, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, and many more.


We have now read the reasons for becoming a Business Analyst. It is clear from the article that entering into this domain is a good career choice indeed. You can take up an online training course to become one.

An online training course allows you to acquire the skills and knowledge required to become a successful Business Analyst. Simplilearn is there to help you with all the doubts and equip you with every business process.

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