How to Have an Amazing Magic Mushrooms Trip in 9 Easy Steps?

How to Have an Amazing Magic Mushrooms Trip in 9 Easy Steps?

People are using magic mushrooms for centuries now as they are associated with divination, healing, as well as prayer. Ancient rock paintings and caves show how essential they have been throughout history. Magic mushrooms begin to expand in popular culture during the 1960s. Since then, magic mushrooms are becoming more popular.

For recreational purposes, everyone wants to have a good and amazing trip. The good part is that there are steps that you can take to ensure that you have an amazing magic mushroom trip. The below-mentioned steps are worth considering.


Treat the Magic Mushrooms like a Medicine

Before you begin to plan your magic mushroom trip, ensure that you must have the correct perspective. For a better experience, treat your shrooms like sacred medicine. It is simply like indigenous cultures have treated them for thousands of years. This will help you get most of the benefits from your trip.

If you are having problems in treating mushrooms correctly like medicine, explore the traditional uses of it as sacred medicine or you can even refer to recent studies. Researchers are exploring supporting evidence that mushrooms help in dealing with anxiety, headaches, depression, and PTSD.

Choose the Perfect Environment

How to Have an Amazing Magic Mushrooms Trip in 9 Easy Steps? Your environment is one of the most vital factors that determines whether your trip is good or not. Nobody wants to ruin their experience because of some confusion or any environmental concerns. Thus, you must plan a safe environment for your magic mushroom trip.

Also, remember that the user will experience it for around six to eight hours. Do not forget to focus on your physical safety. The user’s thought process and coordination may get impaired during your trip. Accidental injuries may occur if you are in the wrong type of space.

How to Have an Amazing Magic Mushrooms Trip in 9 Easy Steps?

Surround yourself with the Correct People

While ensuring that your environment is safe and comfortable, ensure that it is filled with people you trust and can rely on for supporting you throughout your journey. It is recommended to always have an experienced guide with you, especially the first time you try your magic mushrooms. There must always be someone in your team who stays sober and cares for the people on trips.

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These helper friends should have an experience with magic mushrooms to make the user’s experience better. For your first trip, it is advised to have someone who can offer you one-on-one support and guidance.  You must surround yourself with good people around you during your magic mushroom trip. It will help you avoid freaking out and getting overwhelmed when you experience hallucinations.

Be Comfortable

During the magic mushroom trip, you may not find yourself very comfortable. Due to this, you must plan and ensure that you are in comfortable clothes that are appropriate to the situation. Consider the temperature and act accordingly. This is important because your coordination may get impaired during your trip, and thus, you must remain careful and avoid any potential accidents.

Be Mentally and Emotionally Open

Ensure that you are in the right state of mind while you are planning your future trip as well as during the trip itself. Remain open to everything, like receiving insights, feeling bliss, etc. However, you should also be open to feelings, like discomfort or confusion.

You can only remain open to these reactions if you stay prepared. Just keep in mind that if you face any challenges in between your trip, just remind yourself that it is temporary and accept it and let it go.

How to Have an Amazing Magic Mushrooms Trip in 9 Easy Steps?

Select the Dosage Carefully

Another important point worth considering for your magic mushroom trip is the correct dose. You are likely to experience a bad trip if you take an overdose accidentally. The good news is that an overdose is quite rare. Most deaths from magic mushrooms occur due to taking the wrong dosage. Thus, choose your dose carefully.


The dose depends on the user’s body weight, sensitivities and experience, and the mushroom type. You must always begin with a lower dose at the start of your trip. Increase it gradually if you want after waiting for several hours.

Do careful Planning for Food and Water

Most people recommend using magic mushrooms when your stomach is almost empty otherwise you may experience nausea. No one wants to eat too much before or during the trip. Thus, plan your water and food intake to avoid any inconveniences. You should take some healthy snacks along with plenty of water. This makes you feel comfortable during your trip.

Be Open-minded to the Unexpected

Before you consume your magic mushrooms, plan on what you want to get out of them. Having a purpose guides, you in taking decisions. It is the best way to keep a track of your magic mushroom trip. This also helps in avoiding chaotic experiences. You must be clear with your intentions. Be open to reactions that you didn’t expect.

How to Have an Amazing Magic Mushrooms Trip in 9 Easy Steps?

Interact with the Mushrooms

Finally, take out some time to talk to your magic mushrooms. You will begin to form a relationship with mushrooms and get a spirit guide that will help you during your journey.


To get an outstanding magic mushroom trip in a few easy steps, the users must take a low dose. You should also find a safe environment.

Surround yourself with the people you trust, and be comfortable. Doing all these things help in reducing all your possibilities of a bad trip and enhance your magic mushroom trip.

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