Apps That Every Android User Should Have To Make Their Smartphone Smarter

Apps That Every Android User Should Have To Make Their Smartphone Smarter

Like using NHL picks today to improve your bets, there are ways to make your smartphone more efficient and “smarter.” We live in a time where everything is about getting the most out of each investment we make; therefore, every device we use is always powered by an engine that’s capable of making independent decisions without humans always needing to have manual control over the task at hand. 

If you intend to make each experience as meaningful as possible, it only makes sense to ensure that each app you have on your Android device is one that you can use each day to improve your daily life in one way or the other. Therefore, this article will look at smart app alternatives that you should download to make your smartphone “smarter” and add more efficiency to your daily routines. 


Files Go

Files Go is a file manager that goes beyond offering standard file management features. It offers users suggestions on how to get rid of duplicate files, remove junk videos and pictures you may have received from various messaging apps, and clear data you may not have launched in a while. In addition to these tools, it also offers a sharing utility that allows you to send different files over a local network in large chunks. 


Picai is a camera app that uses a scene detection algorithm to focus on what you’re trying to capture. The app is free to use and very efficient in helping you take the best images by suggesting live filters that can make the image look more appealing through its clever interface. You can use it on your front and back camera, making it a relatively flexible app to use. 

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is an app offering a universal search that can bring about information from any part of your device. It offers a number of benefits for users to enjoy, such as segregating the apps on your device into relevant categories so you’re able to go through them with ease, in addition to having a unique approach to widgets. So here, instead of grids, you’re able to resize your widgets in a free-form way without any limitations or restrictions. 

Users have the option to enable adaptive themes so they can personalize different elements through color drawing from the device’s wallpaper. And by subscribing to the app’s premium version, you can unlock different effects, edit categories, wallpapers, and advanced adaptive icons. 


Some default SMS apps included on Android devices don’t offer the spam protection users need. Therefore, Google has designed an SMS app that Android users can switch to, which helps keep spam messages from reaching you. It’s a caller ID service that comes with a bunch of handy features like smart categories and shortcuts for copying passwords. 


Musixmatch is a music player app that offers a plethora of intuitive features like displaying and matching lyrics for tracks the user is playing at the time. In addition to the different albums you may have in your local storage, it works well with apps like Spotify and Apple Music. It also offers users a translator to help them learn a new language. 

You have the option to create cards and posters for certain portions of lyrics to a song if you wish to share them on social media. Also, the app features a stunning and modern design that makes it stand out from competitors trying to match its league. 

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Opera Touch

Opera Touch is a unique browser that’s available on many Android devices. While many will argue that it isn’t necessarily seen as a “smart” app, it does offer an interface that’s ideal for any browsing experience, as it’s perfect for users who struggle to browse the internet on large screens. 

Instead of getting the typical row of browsing options at the bottom of the screen, the app offers a single floating input based on your gestures. This is called the Fast Action Button. You have the option to swipe it in various directions to access features like switching, searching, and reloading different tabs so you can keep everything you need within reach. 

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