Money Making Apps for Android in India

Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India

Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India: Presently, the money making in all aspects is the most valuable thing for a highly regarded life. On the road, we’ll show you today that you can make money with these online cash-making apps.

All use smartphones, and many of them do not know that while they site  down at home and spend more time on their smartphones they can Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India.


Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India

There are many cash earning apps available Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India and IOS platform that enable gift cards, free recharges, Pay TM cash, etc. to earn real cash.

Here’s a list of apps that pay you for real money or other offers (as well as) free payments, and so on. The following is a list.To learn to get more, start these  apps, arrive and start!

List of Money Making Apps for India

  • Google’s Opinion Rewards
  • PhonePe • UPI

Google’s Opinion Rewards

A great app from the company that operates the Android operating system called Google Opinion Rewards is available on mobile only.

The application provides you Google Play reward points and not cash, Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India which can only be Saved from Google’s Play Store by having to download Android Apps,Music,Films, Books, and other services.

Google’s Opinion Rewards techunz

Google will complete some 20-30 surveys every week when you install and register. You must give your opinions and feedback of both the products which are then submitted for insight to the companies. The loans range from 0.1 to 2 dollars. However, the main point that you can convince this provider by Google that your eyes closed. let’s join us below link

Join Google Opinion Rewards


Availability: Get Rs 50 instantly and earn Rs 5 by referral. Referral Code

techunz ROZ DHAN

Roz Dhan is a favorite app listed by Voucher show, which gives you peace  of mind. While it is one of the best cash earning applications in India, it is really one of the helpful applications to make money quickly.

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We think people would make real make money for their expenses because of  their instant PayTM


 Credits app download.

  • From the link above, download the Roz DHAN app.
    Open the app and register with and verify your mobile number.
    Instantly you’ll get Rs 25. Go to icon Profile.>Invite code > Put the code referred.
  • Oh, Hurray! You’re going to get another Rs 25.
  • Take part in the ROZ DHAN activity to gain more coin.
  • Fill in the basic information and gain 200 coins and pay it in free PayTm cash.
  • Take part in ROZ DHAN activities.
  • Read more about how to use RozDhan App Referral code to make extra money.



Offer: Invite friends and receive 81/- cash back by referral. Referral Code: D5945 (Please put your code as it is syntactically correct) Download app.

google pay techunz

  • To get Rs 1 in the banking account, download the application from either the link above.
  • Enter the mobile phone number of your banking account that is connected to your bank.
  • Send minimum money to any existing user of Google Pay and directly receive 81/-from the bank.
  • Also, you will receive a scratch card worth R. 10000/-if you send more than Rs. 150/-.
  • Google Pay is a leading mobile app for Indian customers following  PhonePe to

Immediately transfer their money. You must download the Google Pay  application from the link above in this offer, so you can earn money online immediately. Isn’t this incredible?

google pay techunz

  • If you wonder if this offer is supported by a coupon. So just no. You just need to click the download link and the Google Pay Android / IOS application is installed.
  • Note: Only new users can use this offer.
  • Trick: Have been using a new mobile number on your banking account and download the Tez app using the link below.
  • Secret: When money is transferred directly to a bank account, this money can be used for any job.

Money simple,Google Money made simple.Constructed for India with all of its features and rewards,plus more.Paying Google is the easiest way to send your family money,refill or Pay for the Chaiwala neighbourhood.


PhonePe • UPI

Offer:Get Rs100right after you have downloaded a reference link and have a BANK account added to your wallet. APP Install

phone pe techunz

PhonePe is really viewer friendly, very simple and easy to install Money making applications. Even uneducated people might use the PhonePe app to get thousands of rupees a week.

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Note: Only new users can use this offer.

Trick: Use the new mobile number in your new bank account and the link below to download the PhonePe app. To instantly receive Rs 100 Cashback, please download the link above.Please transfer rs 100/-to your closer friend with UPI ID after you have downloaded the PhonePe app from above link to earn 100/-immediately. You can send Rs 100 to manishsodmise@ybl at our Phonepe UPI ID.

Secret: On your very first transaction, you can even receive up to Rs 1000  cash back.
Note: This money can be used for charging and billing.

phonepe techunzJOIN US PHONE PE


Offer: Get Rs. 50 immediately when uploading supermarket bill and get an  extra Rs 150.

techunz MAGICPIN

  • Magic Pin comes into the equation when it comes to making money  more than a hundred rupees. Follow the instructions below and make a lot of money in a moment.
  • Sign up using the required information to install the app from the above download link.
  • To get 50/-instant in the Magic Pin wallet use this reference code SXNL8230.
  • Please select any city in that town from any given location, such as Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai.
  • Please upload your first bill in a wallet and get an extra Rs 100.
  • Get unlimited cash back by looking at restaurants, food shops, app malls, and then upload the bills and selfish to get cash back.
  • You can purchase free PVR mall, Flip kart, Dmart Big Bazaar, Amazon Rs 500 Vows or any Mode Voucher, restaurant, spa & saloon and also in cash back.


Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India madic pay

Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India

  • For recharge bills, food payments, joys, fashion, food and more, Magic pin can also be used.

Final point:

Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India: we are the actively investigating over the internet to find the numerous genuine online jobs for our audience from home and this article about “Top 5 Money Making Apps for India” is one of the results of our findings.

Those applications are checked and their registered users are paid for. You can easily find them in your Google Play Store, and it is free to download and install all the apps.

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