COVID-19 Lockdown: What You Can Do to Prepare Yourself to Stay at Home

COVID-19 Lockdown: What You Can Do to Prepare Yourself to Stay at Home

COVID-19 has been spreading across the globe at a blistering pace. As more cities around the world get affected due to Corona virus, they have no other option, but to opt for a lock down. Staying at home for prolonged periods is something that none of us enjoys. However, to curb the spread of this virus and for the sake of our own safety, it is essential that we are prepared to stay at home, and not let isolation take a toll on our mental health.

In such a situation when you have been strictly advised to stay home and avoid any kind of close contact with others, you need to prepare yourself for self-isolation. Preparing doesn’t mean that you start hoarding toilet paper and sanitizers. Instead, it is more important to think about what you are going to do to combat boredom.

As the cases of infected people keep going up, chances are, you will end up getting stuck at home for a long time. You will miss your daily life including school, gym or office. In fact, simply going to the grocery store has become a hurdle as well.

It is, without a doubt, a strange experience that most of the countries have become familiar with and there is a high possibility that the rest of the world is going to experience it very soon. There are some countries like China that have already implemented restrictions, while Italy has put a sanitary cordon around infected towns in order to stop the spread of the contagious virus.

For extrovert people who like going out, it might be difficult to live in isolation, but, there is no need to stress over this because we are in this together and together we can survive it.

So what steps you can take to best prepare for weeks or maybe months of being isolated from the world? Let us give you some effective tips on surviving quarantine. Make sure you go through these tips thoroughly so that you can prepare yourself for a highly inconvenient and stressful, but hopefully a temporary experience without panicking.



Prepare the Essentials

Majority of hospitals in different countries have already run out of masks, but factories are putting in efforts to meet demand. So, make sure you have enough masks, gloves, bleach, and not to mention, hand sanitizers. Besides that, you need to ensure that you have all the vital household medications. We surely don’t mean that you start hoarding these things and leave the shelves empty in the supermarkets though.

Also, consider getting hold of decongestants and painkillers. Remember, avoid buying medications that destroy the immune system.

Contact your loved ones- Virtually

Being strictly advised to stay inside sounds more like a dream come true for an introvert, but in times like this when everyone is panicking due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is quite difficult to have fun or chill with your loved one(s).

But, let’s face it- you just can’t afford to be isolated for the longest time. You need to do something to unwind, otherwise, you will find yourself in an inevitably miserable state. Make sure that you try to keep a check on people you love. If you are living away from your family, it’s time to call or FaceTime your family and friends with on a regular basis— you probably need it to minimize anxiety or feel better.

In case, someone very close to you actually gets quarantined or catches the virus somehow, make sure that you are there for them as much as you (carefully) can. You could text or call them, share your music playlist and your favorite some memes with them. For this purpose, you definitely require Xfinity Internet service because it is fast enough to make your online experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible during the lockdown. Check Xfinity Customer Support to get reasonable internet packages!

Of course, you would not be able to hang out with them like you used to, but what you can do is cook them a meal and leave it outside their door, which is one of the safest things to do. This way, they will feel like you really care about them and you haven’t abandoned them.

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On top of that, you should know who to call in case you start getting symptoms; it is crucial to have someone who makes an effort to check in on. This way, the infected people won’t feel that they’re just going to be isolated and forgotten about.

Working from Home during Lockdown? Do It the Right Way

Working from home is no less than a dream for someone who likes the idea of slacking off, wearing pajamas all day, and working from their oh-so-cozy couch! But, it can turn out to be unproductive and miserable if you fail to plan your routine smartly.

When you are working from home, it is crucial to ensure that you keep a regular routine. Get dressed and try to groom yourself like you usually would and don’t forget to have a healthy breakfast. Set a designated place to work; make sure that place is free from distractions. Once you achieve your goals for the day, consider rewarding yourself with your favorite snacks. When it comes to working from home, setting a routine and sticking to it can pave the way for your success.

Go Online, but Beware

It’s 2020, and we are more digitally connected than ever, and the ability to keep yourself updated about what’s going on around the world via social media and video chat can have innumerable benefits on mental health during quarantine.

However, don’t forget that the internet can also be a major source of misinformation. Due to the coronavirus breakout, the entire world is worried and scared. So, it is important that we deal with panic and fear the right way. One of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety is that we try our level best to access accurate information from authentic sources.

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