How to transfer balance in Ncell to Ncell

What Is Ncell, And How Can I Use It To Charge My Balance?

How to transfer balance in Ncell: Ncell, Nepal’s largest telecom company offers an easy way to transfer your balance within a matter of minutes. Ncell customers may be the only ones who are able to send and receive balances from friends and family members who have Ncell numbers.


What is Ncell?

Four years later, the company was purchased by Telia Company. Telia Company bought the company (previously TeliaSonera Group of Sweden). In 2010, Ncell was renamed to “Ncell”. Ncell Axiata was acquired by Telia Company (previously known as TeliaSonera Group of Sweden) on April 12, 2016. It became part of Axiata Group Berhad. This is Asia’s largest telecommunications firm, with 150 million customers. The company also pursues its goal to be “the” New Generation Champion in 2022. The company became an open-ended, public limited company.

On the 3rd of August 2020, Ncell Axiata Limited was renamed to this title. Ncell, an Axiata Group subsidiary Axiata Group, is a long-term investor and connector in Nepal. It provides top-quality services and high-quality products to create more value for customers and customers.

What is Ncell, and how can I use it to charge my balance?

To support the vision of Digital Nepal, and the development and infrastructure of Nepal’s economy and economy Ncell balance transfers has contributed towards the creation of top-of the-line networks and communications services for the people of Nepal. It has the largest 4G network in Nepal and serves the country’s need for high-speed internet. It creates new opportunities in Nepal for citizens and guides the country to a better digital future.

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Ncell Roaming

Ncell Roaming Service allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones even when you’re away. Roaming services allow your friends and family to reach you through your mobile number even when you aren’t in the country.

Our global network is constantly growing to make it easier for you to stay in touch with family, friends, and even your company.

We offer the following services:

  • Voice, SMS and data
  • Balance query – Call *101# to find out your balance
  • Recharge account – To refill your accounts, dial *102* followed by the Recharge Pin number. Only Prepaid Advance and Post-paid clients can recharge with a scratch card.

How can you recharge the most effectively?

  • If your balance drops, recharge your account using one of these options:
  • Credit/Debit Cards and E-wallet via Transfer balance in Ncell.
  • Balance transfer from Pasal, Ncell Centres or authorized shops
  • Recharge cards can be purchased at your nearest Pasal, Ncell Centre or authorized store. To recharge your card, follow the steps below:
  • Call *102*PIN to get the recharge card# and hit the “Call” button.
  • Enter the PIN code from your RECHARGE card by dialing 90012
  • Send an SMS to 90012 with the PIN number from your recharge card.
  • Ncell Saapati is another option if you’re unable to charge right away.

The Best Deals

  • Get a personalized offer made just for you
  • Enter the Ncell number to view the best offers available.


I trust you now have a complete understanding of How to transfer balance in Ncell to Ncell. Please contact Ncell’s email with any suggestions. This balance transfer from Ncell to Ncell was enjoyed by you. Please send it to your friends and family on social media.

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