Whenever most people have a CANALISATION BOUCHÉ their first instinct is to call the plumber or panic. However, just to make you aware that there are a lot of situations wherein you can come up with a solution yourself and then there are some situations with CANALISATION BOUCHÉ where even normal plumbing won’t be of any use such as when the main sewer line gets blocked which would lead to severe flooding and largescale plumbing problems in your entire residence. In order to prevent such massive issues, you need to take immediate action in case of a CANALISATION BOUCHÉ.



First things first, you need to be aware of a potential clogging of a pipeline in your drainage and sewer system. Your drainage system has a lot of small pipes which collect drainage and wastewater from different water outlets in your house in order to connect to the main sewer pipe. This main sewer pipe collects all the dirty and used water and sends it to the septic tank. Our priority, in this case, would be to prevent the clogging of this main sewer pipe.


The clogging of the smaller pipes directly affects the functionality of the main sewer pipe which leads to its clogging. If the main sewer pipe has been clogged it would lead to massive implications such as flooding all over the house. There is not you can do much in case of a complete sewer pipe block since they are deep below the ground and it requires the use of special equipment and a professional plumbing service provider to best solve the issue at hand. Just because you cannot repair it doesn’t mean that you do not have the role to play in ensuring that there is no CANALISATION BOUCHÉ. You can do a lot of smaller things in order to prevent the eventual clogging.


A clogged sewer line is a particularly rare incident to witness since a lot of things has to go wrong in order for a pipe that is 4 to 6 inch wide to get clogged. The most common reason as to why a CANALISATION BOUCHÉ occurs in a sewer line is because of extensive damage to the sewer line and the pipes within them. A lot of the time a particular pipe may collapse or even bend due to pressure which leads to the clogging of a sewer line. There are a lot of things that can affect and damage the sewer lines such as

  • The soil shifting in and around the pipes
  • The incident of corrosion occurring within the pipes
  • High Amount of traffic overhead or above the sewer pipes
  • High Amount of Degradation and Damage to the pipe joins

Another reason which gets overlooked a lot of the time is the general wear and tear and the degradation which may occur due to time and it gets worn off. This particularly means it is vulnerable to debris which can get accumulated quite a bit easier, which would eventually cause CANALISATION BOUCHÉ in the sewer lines. There are a lot of signs which prove that your sewer line is clogged, considering that most of the clogging in the sewers happen gradually and not in an instant over a period of a day. If you look at the signs and address them on an immediate basis you can prevent the situation from worsening in the near future which can potentially lead to your entire house being flooded just because you weren’t careful enough. Some of these signs are,

Dark Colour of the Waters

One of the primary signs and symptoms of a particularly clogged sewer line is the water coming back up from the sewers in your water outlets such as taps, showerheads and so on. The reason the water comes back up is that it does not have anywhere else to go considering that the sewer line is severely clogged. This particularly starts from the lowest points in your house and gradually increases the height as the level of clogging in your house increases as well.

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However, it is highly recommended that you apply caution in dealing with this water since it contains a plethora of harmful bacteria and viruses and plus it may contain a lot of deadly chemicals as well since it is basically sewer water. The water in look will be dark and extremely dirty to look at. There is a good chance that it is giving out an extremely bad stench as well. In order to effectively deal with it safely, you are recommended to use relevant protective gear such as strong masks to protect you from the smell and the fumes of harmful chemicals and also use gloves in order to better protect yourself from the chemical compounds getting in potential contact with your skin.

Slow Movement Within the Drains

You need to observe and take a look at the drains within your home. The speed of the drains and if they are draining at a slow pace or a rapid pace. In several instances, the water may be pooling in and around the drain inlet as well. In case of a clog within the sewer lines, the water would definitely slow the flow of the water since the pipeline obviously wouldn’t entirely be blocked overnight just like that.

Instead what happens is that the sewer line slowly and gradually increases the blockage which makes the flow of the water harder and harder to pass through the drain thus significantly reducing the speed of the flow. If all the drains in your house are eventually starting to slow down then this is the most alarming sign that your sewer line may be in lieu of getting severely clogged and that you must pay immediate attention to it to prevent the situation from going out of hand and preventing any sort of structural damage to your residence and the overall plumbing system as well.

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