Six Benefits of Choosing SCORM Compliant LMS for Training your Workforce

Six Benefits of Choosing SCORM Compliant LMS for Training your Workforce

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (also known as SCORM), the core function of SCORM is to even out how eLearning lessons are created and commenced. eLearning course creators can build modules and courses and can share them across many systems without having to re-build the whole thing.

When eLearning lessons were created they were compatible with their own Learning Management System, or LMS. The consequence of this was that, whatever the course creators created on one LMS, the course got stuck there, despite that particular LMS working fine.

Various organizations and content developers are taking the help of SCORM Compliant LMS where they can create and track their online training program. You also have an option to find, choose and compare SCORM Compliant LMS in the Top LMS Software directory of the eLearning Industry.


Here are the six benefits of choosing SCORM Compliant LMS for Training your Workforce:

1) Inter-operability

SCORM specifications can make eLearning seamless. If an LMS software is SCORM Compliant, it supports integration with other SCORM compliant content authoring tools. By using this software, you can offer a more interactive experience to your learners. The course created can be used on many platforms. You can even track down the user data related to lessons and tests along with migrating content from one LMS to another. By the use of this software, the cost can be reduced. If you wish to change or upgrade your LMS, you can still use your multimedia content; without worrying about losing the same.

2) Re-usability

Being able to re-use the content is another advantage offered by SCORM Compliant software. This feature is beneficial for the organizations producing or consuming a lot of content. Re-using the content or learning material saves time and is cost-effective in the long run. The Plug-and-play function of SCORM plays a vital role as it allows you to create a course once which can be distributed on a large number of platforms. The ability to re-use content reduces the amount of training that needs to be done and simplifies the updates that are to be made as training changes. This is a valuable cost-saving feature.

3) Afford-ability

Integration cost has been reduced by the implementation of SCORM Compliant LMS. The eLearning content can be delivered well in time when you use this software, learning efficiency will be improved and a lot of time and money will be saved. Once the sequencing specifications are applied appropriately, SCORM results in great cost savings.

4) Access-ability

The learners can undergo training at their own pace and their convenience as the modules uploaded for online training are accessible from the home, office, or even if you are traveling by bus or train. Instructional components uploaded on SCORM Compliant LMS are accessible from one distant place and can be delivered to other places. This means the instructor can upload or update the information and the users or learners can access it from wherever they are.

5) Easily Editable

The course content can be edited easily, quickly, and cleanly, without affecting the stability and continuity by using the authoring tools available on SCORM. You can make easy adjustments and changes to your learning modules.

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6) Interactive and provide User Data

The presence of many authoring tools with numerous features can make your course much more interactive and engaging. There are a large number of templates available providing plentiful interactive features such as directing the learners to click on the images, texts, expandable components, and more. SCORM has a gamification feature that encourages employee participation. Instructors or developers can even track individual scores, test results, or course completion status of the learners. The learners too can ask questions; check individual progress, scores per module, etc.

The longer the SCORM is integrated with an LMS, there are fewer possibilities of bugs and fewer chances of problems. SCORM is now a must-have technical platform for all types of online learning which has done an excellent job in the world of eLearning.

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