Do Brands Matter? Factors that Make Quality Furniture

Make Quality Furniture

A significant part of consumers today do not shop by brand. When they go into a furniture store, they are usually greeted with a wide range of furniture items—couches, tables, consoles, etc.—from a pool of different manufacturers, whose names are rarely displayed, much less promoted.

As a result, consumers are more likely to recall store names than brand names, which then become the de facto furniture brands. Ask them where they got that brand new sofa and they’ll be happy to tell you they are from curated, lifestyle stores like The Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and IKEA, to name a few.

While it is the case, however, brand names should remain a factor that influences our buying decision owing to their reputation for providing quality products. Of course, that’s merely a fraction of the things we should look into when shopping for furniture.


What to Look For in Quality Furniture

The latest furniture trends are geared towards incorporating modular components that allow for a variety of configurations and customization. This answers the demand for multifunctional furnishings from a growing number of consumers who are adopting a minimalist lifestyle.


For most people, furniture should enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space. As you make a choice, opt for something that will add that pleasant appeal, whether that is in your home or home office.

Are you going for a modern or classic style? The option is often between traditional and contemporary pieces and because furniture doesn’t come cheap; you had better get it right with the style you settle for in the next several years. The key is selecting furniture that will look relevant for a long time but is built to withstand daily wear and tear.

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Furniture solutions today should be multifunctional—one example is a chair that converts to a makeshift bed. Others include beds with seamless built-in storage compartments.

As said above, furniture designs today have become more innovative to make them more appropriate for small living spaces. It has become the standard in home design, well-providing us with furniture items that pair multitasking with style.

Comfort & Durability

As furniture items cost a significant amount of money, make sure that they are not only comfortable but that they will remain functional for several years as well. Cheap and low-quality furniture may save you money upfront, but eventually, you will have to pay more for repairs and replacement.

You should look into ergonomically designed items that put comfort, durability, and safety aspects into consideration. They are something that makes your home warm and welcoming.


Several factors contribute to the sustainability of furniture—the materials used, how they are produced, sourced, transported, and manufactured. They have to be of high quality, so they are less likely to break down, be thrown away, and end up in the landfills.

By factoring in the durability of the furniture, you have more chances of creating a more sustainable home. This would save you from mass furniture producers who favour low costs over quality without considering their impact on the environment.


Above all that, the ability to clean the furniture is also a key requirement. This much is true at this time of a pandemic where proper sanitation and disinfection is necessary to keep our loved ones safe.

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The problem, however, is that most cleaning agents in use today can be damaging to both furniture and upholstery. While removable covers are commonplace, the ease of stain removal and durability of furnishings against harsh cleaning agents allows us to refresh our spaces more frequently and with confidence that it will not reduce their lifespan.

Takeaway: Where Furniture Brands Matter

Furniture is one of the most significant aspects of our lives, yet often gets little to no attention and appreciation. You rest on it, the kids play on it, and most times, sleep on it. It makes our lives more comfortable and not to mention, our homes more inviting.

The idea of investing in quality furniture that will last your entire life is great. Add that to the unrivaled quality and fine taste that it will exude from the atmosphere. While branded furniture will always be pricier than the mass-produced, they offer these benefits that make them worth their value. Branded furniture can reshape the quality and aesthetic of your home, and with the many trusted furniture brands, you will be spoiled for a wide range of excellent options for nearly every style, function, and price range imaginable.

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