How to Lock and Unlock Your PDF File

Lock and Unlock Your PDF File

As today’s processes are mostly done online, be it academic or job-related, the digital space needs to catch up with all those demands on a global scale. While innovations regarding this have been nothing but success stories, there are also malicious elements that you need to be careful of. If you have been a fan of thriller films about the digital age, you would have an idea of how bad this can get. With this, we have ways on how you can keep your document safe with PDF files. You do not have to worry about locking out your PDF file because we can also give you steps on how to unlock a PDF.


Two Types of PDF Passwords

Before we start with locking and unlocking a PDF file, let’s first start with the basics. There are at least 2 types of locking your PDF, which vary from the features they restrict, usually editing or printing. You can always save your PDF file, but they will have the same restrictions as the original one. Here are the 2 types of PDF file passwords:

1. Document open password

Also known as user password, this password will be installed if you want to restrict users from opening your file.

2. Permissions password

Also called “master password,” this password keeps on checking your permission settings. With this type of password, you can restrict people from editing, printing, and copying content in your PDF. While recipients can freely access and read the document, they would need a password in case they would like to perform such tasks.

Either password can be used to open the PDF in case the file is secured with both password types. Although, they would need a password to do changes to the restrictions you have applied.


How to add a password to PDF

Now with the real deal, here are the steps to adding a password to PDF:

For a one-click option for PDF protection with a password:

1. Open PDF File

With this, all you have to do is to Enter your PDF File. Just make sure you have a reliable app ready, like an Acrobat DC or any other reader.

2. Select File > Protect Using Password

At the File option, you would see a Protect Using Password option.

3. Choose Tools > Protect > Protect Using Password

Once you have reached this point, you will be welcomed by a dialogue box that would give you options if you would apply viewing or editing restrictions. There will be text boxes to which you will input your password.

4. Check your password

The dialogue box will appear with two text boxes where you will type in your password and retype it for confirmation. You will see the password strength next to the text box to gauge if your chosen password is weak, medium, strong, or best. Choose a strong or best password for maximum security!

5. Click Apply

Once you are all set, you will see a confirmation message that your file is successfully protected.

For editing restriction of a PDF:

1. Open PDF file with Acrobat DC or other apps

Like the first option, you would open the File option, then Protect Using Password, or Tools then Protect, then Protect Using Password.

2. Click Yes to prompt for change in the security.


3. Choose the Editing option

With this option, you would toggle on the Editing as a restriction. Below this prompt, you will see again the password text boxes. One for typing in your password and another for re-typing your password. Make sure both are identical. Again, it is always better to aim for a Strong or Best password.

4. Apply changes

After you are finished with the options, one click on the Apply and you would get your desired security options.

How to Unlock A PDF

If you are going to unlock your PDF, here are the things you should do:

1. Go to PDFBear

There are lots of unsecured sites online. With this said, we can vouch for the security that PDFBear offers because it safeguards your passwords from malware or any other virus. It also does not save your password on Cloud.

2. Choose your files

3. Drag & Drop your file

If you have another window ready which would contain the file you want to unlock, you can just drag the file and drop it on the box.

4. Enter password

5. Click Unlock PDF

6. Wait for decryption

7. Download

Keep your documents safe

Now that you know the tips and tricks on how to keep your document safe, you can now ensure that your files are safe from malicious elements that might hack their way into your data. The key here is to always double-check if you will trust the sites that you visit or the apps you install.

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