Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India PART-2

Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India

Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India: Best 5 make more money Applications In India, Free Cash Earning Applications for IOS / Android-Google Play Store has loads of apps that commit to paying cash to use them. But they don’t settle for later. Actual earning applications are, thus, difficult to find.

Many such best money making apps for android phones have been paying for a number of years but with these online earning apps for android, we personally earn a lot of money.


List of Top 5 Get Mobile Money Apps In India

  • Swag bucks
  • Playment
  • MooCash -Pays
  • Make money and get healthy
  • Perk app
  • Cashbuddy

Android Devices Money Making Apps in India

Swag bucks

Swagbucks allows you a full range of activities that allow you to earn money. They have always been available on the internet as a Web application, but also Money Making Apps for Android Phones as a mobile application. Here are some activities on this Android earning app that you can do.

Swagbucks techunz

  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Surveys
  • Daily polls
  • Answer questions

You will earn Starbucks points and can be redeemed to Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart and Starbucks with $3–$25 donation cards get free new gift cards & money for your daily online activities. Check it below link.

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Join Swagbucks


Here is an amazing phone app for Android that can be used by anyone in India. Choose assignments from various tasks here and complete them to earn money.

Playment tecunz

Everyone uses social media; for better pay, you have to build an account and search your mobile number You will only earn rewards in joining. Earn more than 20,000 every month on playment check below link.

Click the Join Playment

MooCash -Pays

MooCash Mobile website lets you make money using a desktop locker use your Smartphone mobile telephone or iPad. This free screen locker rewards username by swiping left to claim an offer to unlock their mobile screen.


TECHUNZ MooCash -Pays

When you swipe to claim an offer, users earn coins that can be redeemed in cash via PayPal or Google Reward Card. They need to download the app or view a short video to claim an offer.

You can save $2 by PayPal with 2,000 coins. iTunes, Amazon, Google Play  Gift Card can also be earned.

24/7 support

We are a small team that supports you greatly. Check out Moo Cash with us at any time. Many rewards Check out cash coins, free mobile fees, free talking time, and gift cards.

Easy to earn coins Get these offers on your lock screen, simply like that!Many ways to earn Try applications, visit pages or complete surveys and tasks. No matter how you like. Check it below link

click the join Moo Cash (Use Referral code to get 20 free coins)

Make money and get healthy

Ever started wondering that you could become healthy and pay for healthiness? Well, the Pact app. If you set and meet your milestones on the basis of your ability and make money with your Android phone, the app is free for IOS and Android.

The app is working very well. Earn Money: If we can tell you that you could earn an additional $300 to $1500* a month without altering your current lifestyle and schedule, are you open to looking at your money?

Make money and get healthy techunz

Share this site with others to be healthy and also earn money!

join us make money and get healthy

Perk app

Perk is a popular platform that provides you with different ways to perform a task on your Android phone and receive rewards.

It really is possible to watch videos, visit websites, play games, and search the web. For a Few stores like Target, PayPal, Walmart, you can also use gift vouchers.

Perk app techunz

Perk. TV, which allows you to make money by looking at videos on Android phone, was my Favorite thing about Perk’s environment. This is the least straightforward way to get from Android. Check it below link

Join Perk

To make a success of your life is to make the right choices in your life.


Offer: Get Rs 5/- Signup and Rs. 5/- per Refer DOWNLOAD APP

A True balance Android Mobile App allows users to earn up to 10,000 rupees. To make use of this offer, please follow the following procedure. Use Referral Code

true balance techunz

Open the application and follow the instructions. Register for a new account now. Simply enter a mobile number, select a password and enter the above reference code.

Check your mobile number, finally. In your True balance App, you got Rs.5 as a registration bonus. Free charge can be paid.

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Get Rs 5 with the button. Get Rs 5. Go to Get Rs 5 Tap: Just copy the full link mentioned above and paste it into the reference code. This is an important step towards receiving the Rs 5 registration bonus!

  • Check
  • Daily updates
  • Recharges
  • Gift cards
  • Earn money
  • Gas bills
  • Electrical bills

Dual sim users

For various reasons, many users prefer to use a dual SIM to a single SIM–they can better manage or control their mobile fees, get special offers or just a backup. There may be several reasons why dual SIMs are used, but only one reply is true balance to manage them.

This device is used by 60 M of men.

Join us truebalance

Cash buddy

Offer: get up to a first install Rs.220 Free PayTM cash and win Rs.2000 for  100 new users each day.


Data buddy is a social app that allows you to earn money by performing simple tasks such as sharing Pics & GIFs, installing & registering free android apps, games & websites on top trends.

  • To download the above link, install the Cash buddy app. To use the offer, register your mobile PayTM number. After registration, check your wallet Cash buddy. You’ve got to get money. Click “Invite” and invite your friends in the bottom right-hand option.
  • In addition, gains an opportunity for the top 100 PayTM guests in Rs.2000 free payTM cash.
  • DOWNLOAD APP Cash buddy is one of India’s best PayTM cash gains applications.
  • It is a low-value application that lets you install 10/-.

If you win, you could end up with Free PayTM cash from Rs.2000 instant. Cashbuddy makes requesting a loan and being a customer simple and easy. Even if you had payment, we create opportunities for you.



Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India: List Of Top 5 Earn Money Apps For Android In India We’ve tried to cover Android’s best and most reliable earn money apps. Such online money-making applications are 100 percent respected and checked for android phones.

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