An outlook on vcruntime140_1.dll

An outlook on vcruntime140_1.dll

In today’s fast-paced world, it becomes vital to blow some steam to destress. Different people have different ways of achieving this. While some persons might want to play games, others might like designing and developing. Either way, it becomes frustrating when the message “vcruntime140_1.dll not found” or “vcruntime could not start” appears on the screen. There are plenty of reasons for these errors to occur. Here’s a quick guide to solving issues related to this particular library.


What is this .dll file?

This particular .dll file comes from the Microsoft C++ Redistributable package. Most DLL files are installed in the operating system by default. Microsoft offers a wide range of these files for the smooth functioning of the operating system. It is vital to note that a corrupt installation of vcruntime can affect other programs and applications negatively.

Most Common Errors

The reasons as to why vcruntime errors occur are twofold. These are the most common errors faced by people as well.

i) Missing – The Visual C++ file might be missing from your directory. The vcruntime file gets misplaced from time to time because of updates and installations of other software. There have been plenty of occurrences of this reported by users of Microsoft.

ii) Corrupt – Another recurring error faced by people is the corruption of the DLL file. This error is encountered comparatively less by people. It is still very prevalent in today’s scenario. This Dynamic Link Library, if corrupt, causes a lot of problems while starting applications that use the Microsoft C++ Redistributable package.

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Why are these errors caused?

There are actually a plethora of reasons for these errors to occur in one’s systems. It might be strenuous to pinpoint the exact cause for the occurrence.

i) Malware – Malware and viruses are amongst the most prevalent reasons for this. They delete random files on the users’ system as part of their attack. This attack results in the system not functioning due to deleted system files. Viruses sometimes delete system files to make the computer less secure, making it prone to external attacks.

ii) Deprecated files – During updates, the system removes files that are no longer supported. In some situations, applications might still require these files after updates. Thus, this becomes a concern in the long run. Updates meant to smoothen the functioning of the system ends up contradicting it.

Resolving these issues

There are many proven ways to resolve the issues mentioned above. Here are a few solutions preferred by a majority of the community.

i) System Restore – The first solution having a success rate of one hundred per cent is ‘system restore.’ System restore has been a part of Windows operating systems since the early 2000s. If one has made a checkpoint in this process when their desired application was functioning the last time, they can restore the system to that date.

ii) Download file – Another prevalent solution across the world is the download of the file itself. Many people tend to look for websites to download vcruntime140_1.dll to place them in respective folders to fix the issues faced.

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As observed, one can notice that this dynamic link library causes problems to many users of the Windows operating system. The reasons stated above are some among the prevalent ones across the world. It is noteworthy to say that this .dll file only causes issues on Windows applications as it is a library created using Microsoft Visual Studio. A majority of today’s users are Windows users. Thus, it becomes an imminent need to educate them on the files that exist in their systems.

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