4 Tips To Spot If The Watch You Want To Buy Is Fake

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Wristwatches are a wearable luxury that you can sport on any occasion. And everyone seems to want one. With high demand and little supply, the replica watch market comes into play. When you don’t have the budget to look bougie, but you want to score a luxury watch, buying a replica can be a viable choice. However, keep in mind that there are more cons than advantages when buying a replica. For one, any watch aficionado can tell a fake watch from miles away. Second, buying and selling counterfeit watches is illegal, even though the replica watch market earns around $1 billion per year. Unless you want to face charges for counterfeit goods, better stray away from the replica watch market.

However, in some cases, some buyers are fooled into buying a watch, thinking that it is authentic. Trust us, you would not want to spend a few thousands of dollars and wind up on a Rolex (or Bolex) that is worthless. To avoid getting scammed, here are some tips to know whether or not your watch is fake!


1. Where are you planning to buy the watch?

Of course, the first step in knowing the authenticity of the watch is knowing the source. Are you buying it online or from a physical store? When purchasing online, we suggest staying away from the usual buy and sell market, like eBay. There may be times that you can score a good vintage watch though this happens on rare occasions.

But if you are buying it from a physical store, you still have to be cautious because not everything that is placed behind a glass window is authentic. Some wristwatches are only sold in limited pieces, so knowing the main source should not be so hard. For example, your Glashutte Original can be checked by a qualified watchmaker expert by visiting an official retailer. If you are planning to buy, you can always check which websites are the official retailers of Glashutte Original.

 2. How much is the watch that you are planning to buy?

If the deal sounds too good to be true, then there is a big chance that the watch is fake. As a general rule, be suspicious of any sale with more than a 25% discount. Be realistic when it comes to sales. Those who sell fake watches are con artists. Even if they charge you a small fortune, chances are, the materials used for the wristwatch will not last you long. After all, their goal is to make as much money as possible. It is way better to buy a $10 watch with no brand than trying to sport a timepiece that you got for a few hundred dollars. Think about it this way: research the specs of the watch, then compare if the price the dealer is asking is justifiable. For example, a Rolex Submariner is waterproof by up to 100 meters. With a fake one, you can’t even use it in the showers.

3. Take one hard look at the wristwatch.

The first thing that you should check is the serial number of the watch. Each timepiece has a unique serial number, so make your search before you buy one. Your wristwatch may be fake if there are minor imperfections like a small stroke on the logo, poor placement of the numbers, peeling paint, or scratches. You should be on the lookout for Frankenwatches as well. These are fake watches, but not entirely. Your Rolex may have an authentic case and bracelet, but the dials may not be from another piece. Not only do they value of watch decreases, but the performance of the watch will be affected.

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Another thing that you can use to gauge whether a watch is a replica or not is the weight. Authentic pieces are made from solid materials, like a stainless watch, which makes them heavy. Luxury watches are often scratch proof, so if the wristwatch has a few hairlines, you already know what it is. The bracelet of the timepiece is another thing you should inspect. The clasp of a fraud watch will easily collapse, and its bracelet will also age quickly.

4. Take note of the movement of the wristwatch.

With even little knowledge when it comes to this aspect, you will instantly be able to identify which one is fake from authentic. If you did your research well, you would know the intricacies and movement of the watch that you are eyeing. If the piece you want is mechanical, then it is hard to replicate. Moreover, the hands should glide, not tick. If you have noticed such an anomaly, then it is a red flag. Of course, this is harder to access when purchasing online. As much as possible, do the transaction offline.

Never buy a fake!

Knowingly buying a replica is a waste of time, money, and resources. Buying a luxury watch is about the quality and craftsmanship—something that you won’t be able to fully enjoy with a counterfeit. When purchasing a wristwatch, take note of the tips mentioned above. When buying online, you can always rely on www.watchshopping.com for authentic pieces.


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