What is Score Heroes:

SCORE HERO MOD APK: Score Heroes for soccer fans of First Touch Games Ltd ‘s new gaming. But for you all to situate yourselves in popular stars and take part in big football competitions, this is not a game.  Score Hero apk The is exactly where gorgeous shots can be made, from fixed scenarios. Your only adversary is a goalkeeper rather than another player. Move the ball around your opposition’s golf to your teammates and then attempt to build an exciting highlight point. If there is a target, the player’s key duty is to make the crowd burst with joy. Don’t let the coach hang his head in regret, because when you’re on the squad, see him being proud.

  Score Hero Mod Apk Details:

App Name Score Hero
File Size 92.5 MB
Latest Version 2.47
Operating System Android 4.4 and Above
Developer First Touch

Download & Install the Score Hero Mod Apk

The customer should have happened upon the websites and online pages on the network that promise to offer the current Ranking! download link Score Hero Mod Apk.


However, the arguments are misleading since the customer is only granted access to the malware of the older non-functional models that ruin the service of the smartphones system. Looking at this situation, the download link we will give will give a conclusive invitation to the current working version after doing analysis Score hero Mod Apk’s .



Installation process:

  • Tap the button below to download and you’ll see the warning message as seen below

Download Apk

  • Select Yes and the download will commence.


  • If the downloading process is completed, you can see the installation tab.


  • You can then press Update and the installation process will be finished by the android smartphone! Score! Hero mod.

score! hero installed

Score Hero Game Play:

  • The game begins with each player being invited to select from popular soccer leagues or promotions.
  • It is important to play various seasons with levels where the complexity of the game improves with each progressing stage.
  • A player can play these games independently however he wishes while leading other players with distinct tasks such as attacking play.
  • Before he makes his move to help others realise what is occurring in the field, any suggestions or clues can be dropped by the players.

Features of the Score Hero Game

  • The game’s greatest aspect is the all-important 3D gameplay. The visuals almost make teammates like reality and it doesn’t seem like you’re playing on your android smartphone at once. The 3D gameplay makes all the shots quite smooth and simple.
  • While using the choice of customization available in the Score hero, you can make your hero exactly imitate your quality traits  Uh,  This role is what gives the game a personal feeling when playing.
  • It contains many as 720 levels and, if and when new changes are added, the number rises.
  • With winning ratings and an outstanding approach, honours and medals follow.
  • Rate! Score! Engine, to improve the strategic play of the users, a new feature is introduced.
  • While the game seems to be straightforward, since it takes a lot of experience and intuition, it is difficult to get to be a pro.
  • The appetite for the game is intensified by amazing graphics and beautiful visuals.
  • When they wish to, the players will move between leagues.
  • Regular competitions, along with winning fun prizes, help to develop the game.
  • As per his tastes and desires, each player will customise his idol hero.
  • With the accessibility to play these games anywhere and at any moment in time over a data or Wi-Fi connection, it needs a minimum of Android 4.4 and above.
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Graphics and sound effects:


Score Hero apk is a lighter game, but it’s not why the consistency of the picture and sound is poor. You will automatically see the calibration designed by the designer right from the very start of the game mode. Naturally, if you consider that it’s a lame thing compared to sports like FIFA, of course. Song for a basic football game, such as Score! Hero.  That was a commendable achievement.

Focus on the goal:

A football match that focuses on the most valuable part of the game, the goal, is Score! Hero APK. To determine your goal or transfer, you will have the option to slow down time and either aim for the target or make the crucial pass to your partner for them to get that in.


With the game, as we advance! Score Hero mod apk, the game is quick but captivating, we understand. At any point in time, the special characteristics and entertaining levels make it nothing just over a stress-buster while it is played. We even get opportunity to reinvent and redesign our footballer, such as Ronaldo, Messi, etc., when getting closer to being a pro and can reproduce them in the tournaments.

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